Dear Hapkido Family:

· While we are keeping our physical distance, staying socially and emotionally connected is more important than ever. The National Mental Health Commission has come together with mental health organisations, experts and leaders to launch #InThisTogether – a national conversation that everyone can join in on, sharing practical tips online to support the mental health and wellbeing of Australians during #COVID19.

· Coronavirus is changing the way we live, work and connect. Looking after our mental health and staying connected is important. Follow and share these practical tips, and seek support when you need it. We are #InThisTogether.

Staying at home can be lonely but there are things that can help. It’s more important than ever that you stay socially and emotionally connected even if you are physically distancing. Make a daily commitment to connect with families, friends and your communities. Be creative in the way you connect and help those who may not be technologically savvy to navigate connection during this time.

Check-in with yourself and be kind. Some of us may be providing support to many people at the moment. Don’t forget that this is challenging for everyone and you need to take care of you also. Learn and practice new coping skills. Monitor how YOU are feeling and seek support when you need it. At this time of anxiety and concern, be kind to yourself.

Take regular breaks from work, news, phone calls and family demands. Your mind needs rest and time to reboot to reduce anxiety and stress; You will benefit from ‘switching off’. Taking some time each day to do something that allows your mind to relax is good for your mental health. Get sweaty by doing a Hapkido session. Activate the feel good hormones.

Even the smallest amount of exercise has great benefits for your physical and mental health. Try not to sit in one place all day. If you can, go for a walk, run or ride outdoors by yourself. If you’re staying inside– YouTube is your friend with thousands of free exercise guides from stretching to high intensity. And there are the patterns on our Hapkido website as well as the postings from Instructors on Facebook or club websites.

Stay well, Stay Connected

Master Butterworth

I cannot always control what goes on outside. But I can always control what goes on inside. Wayne Dyer


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