Choosing a martial art

So many martial arts are available these days and it can be very confusing and difficult to kbrown2compare what is being offered to decide which martial art is best for you.

If you are considering starting a martial art we suggest you sample several different styles before you commit to one. The most important criteria to consider when choosing a martial art are:

  • Convenience – if it is hard to get to classes you will find it hard to continue in your training.
  • Friendships  – you may join because of a particular style or a particular instructor – but you will continue because of the friends you make in that club.
  • Quality and Expertise – you want to learn quality techniques that are effective in the real world.
  • Affordability – if the costs are too high then you will not be able to sustain your involvement, learning a martial art takes years, not months.

Think carefully, look around, then once you make a choice, commit fully.

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