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53947166_nThe AHA started in Sydney in 1980 and now has clubs throughout Sydney, Melbourne, the Central Coast, Hunter Region, Mid North Coast and Northern NSW.

We are a progressive not-for profit organisation led by Master Brown a 7th degree black belt with over 30 years experience in Hapkido. Master Brown is shown in the photo receiving an award from the AHA Founder Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim.

On this web site you will find the latest news, articles, our syllabus and heaps of photos and videos. If you are interested in trying Hapkido take a look at the Club Directory to see if there is a club near you.

Sparring Session – Hapkido vs Hapkido – 2 hours of fun and learning – 1pm to 3pm – Sat 19 May 2018 – Bexley


We are having another combined sparring session for AHA students and Giant Martial Arts students. Giant Martial Arts have a fantastic fully equipped gym in Bexley. Anthony and Giorgio Repice have kindly offered their gym for this event.

The aim of the session is to provide advanced students the opportunity to spar safely against someone they are not used to sparring in a co-operative environment.

The session will be mainly about giving you time ‘in the ring’ – time to try and get the simple things right – timing and distance.

Here is how it will work:

  • Open to Blue Belt and above (or experienced in sparring – ask your instructor) members from Australian Hapkido Association or members from Giant Martial Arts.
  • Women and teenagers welcome.
  • No uniforms – T-shirt or rashie with shorts or track-pants.
  • 16oz boxing gloves, shin guards, groin guard and mouth guard compulsory – headgear recommended.
  • 2 min rounds with 1 min break. 
  • Change partner after 2-3 rounds.
  • We will try to match partners by size regardless of grade.
  • Can go to ground (keep gloves on) – when on ground can tap and resume standup sparring anytime – if you both want to keep rolling stay on the ground.
  • Take into account injuries or preferences of your partner (eg. limited ground-work due to neck or shoulder injuries – or no leg kicks due to knee or leg injuries).
  • No techniques that can’t be pulled or controlled.
  • No referees – you have to look after each other – co-operative sparring – light contact – there is no ‘winner’ just ‘learners’!
  • Tell your partner if they are hitting too hard or too aggressive – talk to you partner during sparring.
  • Can stop anytime for a break – can resume anytime (no-one is judging).
  • If anyone loses their cool they will be told to go home.
  • Everyone should finish the day with no injuries and a bit better at real sparring.

Where: Giant Martial Arts – 170 Stoney Creek Rd, Bexley NSW 2207

When: Saturday 19 May 2018 from 1pm to 3pm

Cost per participant $20.

Reservations: Daniel Marie – TXT to 0411 612 904

Booked in Attendees

  1. Daniel Marie – AHA
  2. Anthony Repice – Giant MA
  3. Giorgio Repice – Giant MA
  4. Your name? TXT 0411 612 904 to book – easy!

AHA Autumn Camp – 6-8 April 2018 – Myuna Bay, NSW

The next AHA camp is being held on the 6-8 April 2018 at Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre.

All registrations close COB Wednesday 16 March 2018 –NO EXCEPTIONS 

It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s exhausting and exhilarating, it’s the AHA’s annual Autumn Training Camp!
The camp is a great mix of training and fun that will allow you make a huge leap in your understanding of Hapkido and at the same time meet other like-minded martial artists.

In this environment you get to meet and train with other students and instructors – including our 7th, 6th and 5th-dan masters and direct training under Master Brown – all of whom will provide helpful hints, training tips and new challenges – this sometimes includes ‘Aquakido’, where Hapkido meets the swimming pool!


  • Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre is located at Wangi Road Myuna Bay NSW 2264
  • 1 hour drive north of Hornsby (Friday night traffic leaving Sydney may extend this)
  • 40 minutes drive south of Newcastle


The full camp price includes all meals and accommodation from Friday evening till Sunday after lunch. Note the last training session of the camp is Sunday morning 9am to 12 noon, followed by lunch and tidy up of the lodges. Most people depart by 2pm, although we have access to the site until 4pm. Dinner is served at 6.30pm sharp. We realise that not everyone can arrive by that time on the Friday night, so if you want to join us for dinner on the Friday night please be sure to note this on your AHA registration form.

Accommodation is in 2 large lodges, each of which is divided into a number of rooms with bunk beds and each of which has a large common area with 1 -2 large screen TVs and DVD player, covered outdoor seating area and common kitchenettes. This year we are using the large McGregor Lodge (where each room sleeps 6 people) and smaller The Vines Lodge (where each room sleeps 4 people).

The lodges have heating and air-conditioning and each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, fan and storage shelving. The complex also has various sporting facilities available to us during our stay including the pool, tennis courts, a putt putt course, beach volleyballs court, basketball courts etc (BYO equipment – balls, racquets, clubs, etc).

Bring a pillow case (mandatory – camp rules) and either (1) a sleeping bag or (2) sheets and a doona, also toiletries. (Pillows are supplied).


Full Camp

  • Adult (18 years of age and over) – training and non-training – $225
  • Non-training parent/guardian supervising one or more training child – $175
  • Child (5 to 17 years) – training and non-training – $175
  • Preschooler (2 to 4 years) – $nil

Day Only (includes lunch)

  • Saturday – $85
  • Sunday – $65
  • For non-training parent/guardian supervising 1 or more training child – please ring Melissa….

*Note: Myuna Bay have raised their prices a little this year.


1. Complete the Dept of Sport and Recreation’s online Medical and Consent form – a separate form is required for each attendee.

This is compulsory whether you are training or not – i.e. non-training parents/guardians must complete a form for themselves too.

The information that Sport and Recreation needs about you includes medical conditions – food related allergies (because our program is catered), special diets (because our program is catered) and medication – emergency contact details – media consent.

Please complete the Medical and Consent Form at https://sportandrecreation.nsw.gov.au/facilities/medicalandconsentform . The Medical and Consent Form is available online and is easy to complete. If for any reason you are unable to complete the online form please contact me – preferably by phone or SMS – and I will assist (if necessary I can take you details over the phone and submit them for you).

It is vital that you enter the following details to complete the online form:
– Booking Number:        525807
– Booking Start Date:     6/04/2018
– Booking Venue:          Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre

Once you submit the form the information is sent to the Centre so the staff can prepare for your visit. They in turn send a copy of their updated attendee list to me at regular intervals so that I can check that everyone who should be on the list actually is and sort out any discrepancies.

2. make your payment to your instructor.

3. send me an email before the close date. This email should include the following:

  • the names of those attending from your family plus their ages and belt levels
  • brief details of any special diets
  • details of your payment (date, amount) OR of when and how you intend to pay
  • identify any attendees that are non-training parents/guardians
  • if you will be joining us for dinner on the night of Friday 6 April.

4. notify your instructor of your intention to attend, and ensure that your name/s and details are added to his/her master list.

Note 1: The NSW Department of Sport and Recreation requires that we confirm our numbers at least 3 weeks prior to the camp. For this reason it is vital that you register prior to 12 April. We can reduce our numbers and/or make substitutions after that date – e.g. if a booked person drops out we can fill that place with another person – but CANNOT add to our numbers. So if you are even thinking about attending or can’t be sure of your availability, book before 16 March anyway – if you subsequently find you can’t attend just contact me (Melissa – see at the bottom of this email) as soon as you can so I can reverse your booking. Easy!

Note 2: There is a limit of 100 places at this camp, due to the number of beds available and the size of the training hall. Places will be allotted on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to persons booking for the full camp. Persons wishing to come for the day only will have their places confirmed only after all full camp attendees have been accommodated.

Note 3: Parents/guardians!: All children will be carefully supervised during training sessions over the weekend – just as they are during their regular classes -HOWEVER we do not provide general supervision for unaccompanied children. If you have a child or children under the age of 15 years who wish to attend the camp unaccompanied by you, you will need to first discuss this with their instructor. Either your child’s instructor or another adult from their club must agree to act as guardian to your child/ren for that weekend for your child/ren to be able to attend.

Any questions?

  • Can’t be sure you can attend?
  • Payment issues?
  • Can I back out after I’ve registered?
  • You can contact Melissa Rees by email: melissa_rees63@yahoo.com.au or on 0403 814 347.

Melissa Rees
Memberships Officer and Treasurer
Australian Hapkido Association
Ph: 0403 814 347
Email: melissa_rees63@yahoo.com.au

Sydney Black Belt Class Schedule for 2018

The Black Belt planning committee (Master Brown) has set the dates for the Sydney Black Belt classes for 2018. So black belts – put the dates in your diary and plan to be there!
  • 4th March
  • 29th April
  • 27th May
  • 24th June
  • 29th July
  • 26th August
  • 30th September
  • 28th October
  • 25th Nov

There isn’t a class at the end of March as the camp is on in early April. From May onwards they will be held on the last Sunday of each month. 

They will be held at Brookvale. 

News from the North – Sat 9 Dec 2017 – Best Grading Ever at Stokers Siding Hapkido Dojang!

Submitted by Phil Eizenberg – Instructor at Stokers Siding – Northern NSW

It was congratulations all round to 32 members of the Northern Rivers Australian Hapkido Association who at 9:30 AM on that day started their grading procedures watched over by Master Steve Tamanini from Sydney and instructors from Stokers Siding, Mullumbimby, Byron Bay and Murwillumbah.

It was the first for some time that students from White Belt to Black Tip had gathered in one Dojang for an annual end of year event.

To quote Master Steve Tamanini, “it was the best grading I have ever seen”. Some call from such an experienced martial artist.

The black belt candidates, Arna Baartz and Grace Finardi displayed outstanding performances for their successful completion of the black belt grading. Two women of exceptional skill and fortitude to join the growing ranks of black belts in the Australian Hapkido Association.

Daniel Potts, also successful in achieving his black tip, was another candidate who was pushed to the limits of his physical and mental barriers.

In the 100 year Stokers Siding – Dunbible Memorial Hall, the AHA curriculum was unfolded for all to see. It’s not often that this occurs.

4th dan instructors Phil Eizenberg, Tup Moekaa, Dom Spreckley, and recently graded to 4th dan Eli Dutton, along with 2nd dans Helen O’Carrol and Martha Turner, with Craig Elliot from Newcastle, assisted Master Steve Taminini in the grading process.

Hapkido on display was the order of the day and the standard of all the students was as good as it ever gets. Talented martial artists in the making. All training for a peaceful world and the good of society.

Master Steve Tamanini gave a seminar the following day, Sunday the 10th at the Stokers Dojang which was enthusiastically received by all those who attended.

What a great weekend. Seasons greetings to you all from all of us in the North.

Phil Eizenberg

Northern NSW Hapkido Grading – report from Master Steve Tamanini

Last weekend I had the pleasure of overseeing the Regional grading on Saturday and run a seminar on Sunday, which was held at Stokers Siding, for the Northern NSW clubs.

It was a big grading of 32 students covering every belt from White to Black tip.

I have to congratulate all the instructors / black belts ( that assisted ) at their respective clubs, you are doing a great job which showed through your students who attended.

What an amazing grading, from the first the first minute when Tup was letting the students know how the grading was going to run, to the last punch, 4 hours later, the intensity, focus, spirit and technique didn’t wavier, I have never seen so much discipline and etiquette in a grading. 

A special mention to Daniel ( red belt ), Arna and Grace ( black tips ) who were up being  pushed at every stage. It was a very hot day and even hotter in the hall.

Congratulations to Arna and Grace on receiving their Black Belts.

Dom, Phil, Martha thanks for your support at the grading table. Eli I think you worked as hard as the students demonstrating, well done.

Thanks to Helen for your help with the grading and Craig from Redhead who came up to help and participate in the seminar on Sunday great effort guys.

To Mark and Trish, thanks once again for your hospitality, it was much appreciated, thank you.

To Tup, my personal driver :-)) thank you, had lots of fun and a great time sightseeing.

Thanks all I had a great weekend.


Steven Tamanini

2017 Scott Wetherell Award goes to Tupuna Moekaa

To honour the life and memory of Master Scott Wetherell a special award was created in 2009. This award is called “Keeping the path and continuing the Journey” and is a tribute to what was important to Scott and is awarded each year to a black belt who has been loyal to Hapkido, has applied themselves diligently to their study and practice of Hapkido and who has given something to the ongoing development and growth of Hapkido.

On Saturday 25 Nov 2017 the award of this trophy was conducted by Master Mitchell Wetherell and was awarded to a most deserving recipient, Tupuna Moekaa.

Tup has contributed much to the association and is also an inspirational and dedicated instructor and practitioner. Tup started his Hapkido journey in the Central Coast Dojang and spent many years teaching in the Lake Munmorah Dojang. Currently Tup lives in Northern NSW and makes regular appearances at Mullumbimbi, Murwillumbah and Byron Bay. Tup has developed a lot of his own personal skills and knowledge – particularly in the areas of knife, sparring and grappling. Tup is an awesome Hapkido artist and we look forward to the heights he can take Hapkido to in the future.

Thankyou Tup for the high standard you have set for you and your students, and for the training we have shared with you. We look forward to much more in the future. 


Black Belt Grading Results – Nov 2017

Here are the results from the Black Belt Grading held in Sydney on Saturday 25 Nov 2017:


  • Stephanie Biviano
  • Kate Beneke
  • Adam Thorley
  • Chad Geister
  • Will Hurst
  • Edwin Clatworthy

  • Luke Anglicas
  • Chris Currey
  • Andrew Dunn

  • Eli Dutton

  • David Beneke
  • Trish Butterworth

Hapkido Road Trip 2017

Our 3rd annual Hapkido road trip is on again.

Tup and I will hit the road on Monday the 20th of November and train all the way down the east coast until we get to Sydney for the Black Belt grading on the 25th of November.

This year we will be joined by a number of AHA Black Belts along the way including:

  • Master Matt Geister
  • Dominic Spreckley
  • Matt Beyer
  • Helen O’Carroll
  • Craig Elliot
  • Stewart Dwelly
  • Chad Geister

We are super excited about training with everyone along the way and visiting as many of the wonderful clubs that make up association as we can.

 If you would like to join us please contact me at byronbayahahapkido@gmail.com

The itinerary for the trip is:

Monday 20th of November

  • 6pm – 8pm Kempsey Hapkido Club

Tuesday 21st of November

  • 8am -10am Train Hat Head Beach
  • 12pm – 1pm Train Hat Head Beach
  • 6pm – 8pm Port Macquarie Hapkido Club

Wednesday 22nd of November

  • 8am – 10am Train Bonnie Hills Beach
  • 4:30pm – 6pm Tuggerah Hapkido Club with Master Rees
  • 6:30pm – 8pm Tuggerah Hapkido Club with Master Rees

Thursday 23rd of November

  • 8am – 10am Train Dudley Beach
  • 2pm – 3.30pm Train King Edward Park Newcastle
  • 6pm – 7pm Redhead Hapkido Club
  • 7pm – 8:30pm Redhead Hapkido Club

Friday 24th of November

  • 8am – 10am Train Dudley Beach
  • 7pm – 8:30pm Northern Beaches Hapkido Club with Master Geister

Saturday 25th of November

  •  1pm – 5pm Sydney Black Belt Grading at Pittwater Dojang
  • See you all at the end of year party !!!

Eli Dutton – Northern NSW Hapkido

Master Wetherell visits Byron Bay – special report

We had another fantastic weekend of training up north.

It was great to have Sam Morgan along helping students and instructors with his extensive sparring and self defence knowledge. Also this year Superman Chris Currey was able to train and assist with the seminars.

It was a busy schedule for the weekend, the focus was working simple sparring and movement drills for students coupled with practical self defence. It was great to see the enthusiasm of everyone who attended and the quality of Hapkido is a credit to all the instructors.

I had the opportunity to put the instructors through their paces and they didn’t disappoint.

A big thank you to Eli and Amy for looking after myself and Sam and Helen for putting up with Chris!

Train hard and hope to see you all again next year …..

Master Mitch Wetherell


Click on the links below to see great video of some highlights of what Master Wetherell taught.

AHA Competed in AMAC Newcastle – amazing results

Four Competitors from the Central Coast Hapkido Club attended a AMAC tournament in Newcastle today. Congratulations to Master Ron Rees and the Central Coast Hapkido Dojang.

Muurruun Leha :

  • 2nd Patterns, 
  • 3rd Point score sparring, 
  • 1st Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 1st Contact Pont Sparring, 
  • 1st Freestyle Contact Sparring

Stephanie Biviano : 

  • 1st Traditional Weapons Patterns, 
  • 2nd Demonstration, 
  • 3rd Point Score Sparring, 

Shane Cutland : 

  • 4th Point Score Sparring, 
  • 4 Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 3rd Demonstration, 
  • 3rd Weapons patterns

Charlie Olivieri : 

  • 4th Patterns, 
  • 2nd Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 3rd Pont Sparring, 
  • 2nd Sword Combat.

New series of Sydney Black Belt Classes starting from June 2017

Dear Black Belts (and Black Tips)

Master Brown has a very full schedule for 2017 and has asked the 5th and 6th Degrees to step up and take the black  belt classes.

There will be 6 black belt classes for the remainder of 2017. If attendance is good the format will continue for 2018.

The instructors will be Master Geister, Master Marie, Master Rees, Master Wetherell, Master Ansley and who knows, maybe even Master Tamanini.

All Sydney Black Belt Classes will be at the Brookvale Dojang from 8:30am to 10:30am and cost $20. Don’t forget your drink bottle – you will need it!

Don’t just wear a black belt – BE a black belt. Put these dates in your calendar.

General class plan

  • 8:30 Warm-Up – Black Belt Readiness Assessment – go as far as you can go.
  • 8:45 Self Defence – Row > Multiple Grabbing > Grabbling
  • 9:15 Weapons – a different weapon each black belt class – see schedule below.
  • 9:45 Sparring – Light Contact – bring mouth guard, 16 Oz gloves, shin pads.
  • 10:15 Grappling
  • 10:25 Cool Down


  1. Sunday 25 June – sword (no sharp blades in class please).
  2. Sunday 30 July – pole
  3. Sunday 27 August – danbong
  4. Sunday 24 September – belt
  5. Sunday 22 October – walking cane
  6. Sunday 10 December – pole

Reminders will be texted to Black Belts – if you do not get them – txt a request to be added to 0411 612 904.

Interview with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae by David Middleton

The following interview with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae was kindly provided David Middleton 4th Degree from Alstonville. It was conducted in 1996 and is a great read for any who wants to understand Hapkido’s roots from one of the originators of modern Hapkido. 

Recently Grand master Ji Han Jae, 10th Dan and founder of Sin Moo hapkido was in Australia at the invitation of the Australian Hapkido Association. Grandmaster Ji conducted seminars in Sydney, the central coast, Byron Bay and Port Macquarie that were well attended by students of hapkido and tae kwon do.

Whilst on the Far North Coast we had the privilege to conduct an interview with Grandmaster Ji where we asked him about the early years of hapkido and the martial arts journey that resulted in his development of Sin Moo hapkido.

 There are a number of different histories of hapkido from those early turbulent times with little documentation for historians the use. This is Grandmaster Ji’s story in his own words.


I began training under Yong Sul Choi in Taegu when I was a freshman of Taegu Technical High School. He called his art that he had learnt in Japan yawara (aikijujitsu). In 1956 I moved back to my home city of An Dong where I received training from old man Lee who was a Taoist dosanim (wise man). Among his teachings I received instruction in breathing and weapons. In 1957 I moved to the capital city Seoul and began teaching calling the style hapkido. At that time nobody knew what was hapkido, what was yawara, nobody knew. 

I started teaching hapkido then everybody knew hapkido. In 1962, Korea had a coup detat. Before this time Korea and Japan had no import-export between them because they were enemies. Then the gates were opened and Japanese imports began to come into the country.

At that time I saw a Japanese aikido book and noticed that the chinese characters for hapkido and aikido were the same. so I took out the hap from hapkido and I formed the Kido association. Still until now they have the Kido association – Huh Il Wong (8th dan and professor at Myong Ji University) from Kuk Sool Won is associated with it. He is my student. When he was a brown belt he and Kim Byung Chun (8th dan and president of the Korean Hapkido Association) – they formed a school. Later proffessor Huh went to another school – that of In-hyuk Suh. At that time they had Kuk Sool Won hapkido , not Kuk Sool. Right now In-hyuk Suh is a grandmaster of Kuk Sool Won. He learnt yawara from Yong Sul Choi. He is one of my juniors – yawara side he is my junior. At the same time as learning yawara he learnt a style of chinese Kung fu..

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2016 Scott Wetherell Award goes to Gana Muniandy – instructor from Glebe


To honour the life and memory of Master Scott Wetherell a special award was created in 2009. This award is called “Keeping the path and continuing the Journey” and is a tribute to what was important to Scott and is awarded each year to a black belt who has been loyal to Hapkido, has applied themselves diligently to their study and practice of Hapkido and who has given something to the ongoing development and growth of Hapkido.

On Saturday 26 Nov 2016 the award of this trophy was conducted by Master Mitchell Wetherell and was awarded to a most deserving recipient, Gana Muniandy (instructor for Glebe).

Gana has contributed much to the association and is also an inspirational and dedicated instructor in Glebe dojang. As inscribed on the award – Gana has been keeping the path and continuing the Journey.

Thankyou Gana for the high standard you have set for you and your students, and for the training we have shared with you. We look forward to much more in the future. 

Grading Results – end of year Sydney black belt grading – 26 Nov 2016

Congratulation to the following new and improved black belts who were successful in their grading held at Pittwater Sport Centre in Sydney last Saturday 26 Nov 2016.

  • Kenny Foo (Sutherland) – 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Martha Turner (Murwillumbah) – 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Gana Muniandy (Glebe) – 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Lewis Pink (Redhead) – 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Stewart Dwelly (Melbourne) – 1st Degree Black Belt.


The standard of Hapkido shown was very good with some excellent sparring and multiple self defence. Everyone was well prepared mentally and physically for the grading.

Hapkido Road Trip 2016 – it is on again!!

Once again, ou14494806_551803718363215_2397498203237028293_nr fabulous northern brothers in Hapkido, Tup and Eli, are getting into their Hapkidomobiles in Byron Bay and undertaking their annual Hapkido pilgrimage that culminates with the Black Belt Grading  in Sydney and a big party afterwards. Along the way they will experience many Hapkido adventures, visiting Hapkido clubs and beautiful training spots along the way, training and sharing their huge pool of knowledge.

Master Geister is going to join in on the way down for the last few days. Other Hapkido black belts from around Australia will be joining in at various parts of the road trip.

A aStay tuned for regular updates as the Hapkido Road Trip 2016 gets under way and rolls through a Hapkido Club near you!! All Hapkido students are invited to join in anywhere along the tour. Even if you don’t have a car – they will find a space for you! Just bring your uniform and a sleeping bag!

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Video from Hapkido Sparring Session – Bexley – Nov 2016

Giant Martial Arts and students from the Sutherland and Glebe AHA dojangs met at Bexley last Saturday 5 Nov for a 2 hour sparring session.

The format was light cooperative sparring to improve our distance and timing while trying to keep it real. The bouts consisted of 3 two minute rounds with the same partner and then we rotated. This simple format was followed for most of the two hours, with a partner stretching round in the middle. At the end we all sat around and talked about what we thought we needed to improve and what had worked well.

Most of all though, everyone was very friendly and respectful and we had no serious injuries. The video below was taken from a camera just sitting in the corner.

Thanks to Anthony and Giorgio Repice from Giant Martial Arts for hosting this session at their fantastic Hapkido gym in Bexley.

Next session will be end of Jan 2017.