Grading at Redhead with Master Brown

Here is a group photo taken at the end of a recent grading conducted by Master Brown at the Redhead Hapkido Dojang. Redhead is located near Newcastle and is run by Mick Collins and his trusty black belts. The club was founded by Tup Moekaa who is currently living in Northern NSW.

Grading Sep 14What a great turn-out – looks like a very popular club with a large number of students and senior members to provide great tuition to budding Hapkido students from the Hunter Region. Congratulations.

Video of Hapkido in Nepal

Annette Marie is Hapkido in Nepal 2over in Nepal during September to teach women at-risk in Kathmandu self-defence classes, women’s health classes and Chilean doll making classes. Last week Annette completed the first round of self defence classes over 5 days – 2hours per day.

These women have all been victims of violence and have never been shown how to defend themselves. They were very interested in the techniques and knowledge taught to them by Annette.

Hapkido in Nepal 1Annette is a student of Matthew Kim Sung Su and learnt Hapkido in the City Gym back in th 80’s and 90’s. What Annette taught was based on Hapkido, and focussed on techniques a women would have a chance of doing against a stronger attacker. Common attacks covered in the course were wrist grabs (maybe not common for men – but certainly something women may be faced with), chokes, hair grabs, bear hugs, ground attacks.

The use of multiple grabbing really helped the women gain confidence in facing an attacker and having the solve the problem by whatever means possible.

The girls were fantastic students and learnt everything so quickly. They normally only had to be shown a technique one or two times and could then repeat it, even the cat roll! They did not have much equipment so they often had to make do with cushions or balls for target practice. As you can see in the video – the girls became very good very quickly.

Emma and Josh helped Annette to deliver the course and having a strong attacker certainly challenged the women at first, but once they understood the techniques and could see how to apply them. The women all showed they were capable of defending themselves.

All the women greatly improved their confidence and felt empowered with the new knowledge they now have. Well done to Annette, Emma and Josh and well done to the women for being such good students during the 5 days.

New Readiness Assessment checklist for Black Belts

DSC_0169Are you thinking of going for your next Black Belt grading this year – or maybe next year?

Not sure if you are ready?

Want a structured aproach for working out where you need to work harder and to make sure that on your grading you are the best you can be?

Well the 5th degree masters of the AHA and Master Brown have put all their knowledge and experience together and produced a Black Belt Readiness Assessment checklist. Even Black tips preparing for their 1st Degree will benefit from this document.

Your next grading is something that probably will take years of preparation – not months, and certainly not weeks. These assessments will help you assess:

  • where you need to improve
  • your fitness levels compared to what will be required of you in a grading.

More information on how to use the assessment is provided in the document. Click on the link below to download the document. If you have any questions feel free to post them on the AHA Facebook Page.

AHA Black Belt Readiness Assessment

Size: 376.9 KB   Number of Downloads: 1,090

Grading Results – Brookvale – April 2014

Congratulations to the following Students who demonstrated that they were ready to move to their next belt level at our Northern Beaches Hapkido Grading Mon 7th April.

Kids Class (click here to see the photos)

  • Yellow Tip
    • James Deep
    • Anthony Schiro
  • Yellow Belt
    • Jack Barraclough
    • Angus Woollett
    • Gabrielle Lobb
  • Green Tip
    • Inan Asif
    • Matthew Van Brugge
    • Nathan Johnston
  • Green Belt
    • Ryan Donovan
    • Sophia Wall
    • Connor Callard
    • Bryn Callard
  • Blue Tip
    • Louis Wall
  • Blue Belt
    • Duncan Easter

Teens Class (click here to see the photos)

  • Yellow Tip
    • Joshua Di Benedetto
  • Yellow Belt
    • Tom Downs
    • Nikola Hajdukovic
  • Green Tip
    • Callum Annear
  • Blue Tip
    • Jian Ming Purkiss
    • Tim Cho
  • Blue Belt
    • Sam Lewis
    • James Lewis
    • Mark Donovan
    • Nicholas Lankow

Adults Class (click here to see the photos)

  • Yellow Tip
    • Cory Mills
  • Green Tip
    • Jerome Fontaine
  • Green Belt
    • Robert Guinn
  • Blue Belt
    • Thomas Williams
    • Kim Ansems
    • Maja Jurlina

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and Happy Easter. Kids and Teenagers classes will re-commence Mon 28th April while adults classes will continue as usual, except for Easter Monday.

Master Matt Geister

Kids Hapkido Grading at Stanwell Park

On Thursday 27th March we had a successful & exciting KIDS Grading at Coalcliff  Community hall. 13 students graded to various levels ranging from 1st timers going for Yellow-Tip up to Blue belt. We had 2 successful board breaks, 1 with Stepping Side kick & the other with a Turning Back kick.

Results are:


  • Ben Agnew
  • Owen Pederson
  • Marley Scott
  • Max Pedemont
  • Zach Pedemont


  • Oliver Hausner
  • Eamonn Gardner
  • Jayden Harris


  • Matty Brown
  • Callan Scott


  • Sam Horton


  • Tom Horton


  • Taylah Currey

Congratulations to everyone & special thanks to Liz Brown for taking the grading.

Home » Kids Hapkido Grading at Stanwell Park » Club Gradings » 2014 Stanwell Park - March

Chris Currey
Stanwell Park Dojang, Wollongong

Photos from today’s Sydney Black Belt Class

Today’s Black Belt Class at Brookvale was well attended. Master Brown also introduced the new Black Belt Attendance Card that will record attendance to key AHA events like Black Belt Classes, Camps, Tournaments, Senior Gradings, etc.

Remember, the training does not stop once you reach Black Belt, it is not enough to know, you must understand, it is not enough to talk you must do, it is not enough to wear your uniform, you must sweat. Use every class to create a stronger, wiser, healthier version of yourself.

Click on the album below to see what fun we had today….

Black Belt Class Feb 2014

Held at Brookvale, Sydney. Covered knife defence skills, red belt pattern applications, black tip drill, sword patterns, walking cane, fan, belt and pung yu kom.

Good video of Danny Turner’s 4th Degree Grading

Here is a video from Danny Turner’s 4th Degree Grading from 2013. There are some great moments in there – good sparring moments and an all-round good display of skill – well done. Danny Turner is the instructor at the Eastern Suburbs dojang in Sydney if anyone is interested.

Glebe Grading Results – 26 Nov 13

The following students successfully graded on 26 Nov 2013 at Glebe Public School.

  • Shyamala Jayagopal – Yellow Belt
  • Andrew Hedges – Green Belt
  • Michael Clulee – Green Belt
  • Andrew Rumble – Red Tip
  • Ben Janiszweski- Red Tip
  • Silvia Cupik – Red Belt

Thanks to Master Brown braving the city traffic once again to examine our progress and Congratulations to all who graded successfully.  Certificates will be distributed once we are back from our break. 

Thanks, Gana

Inaugural Northern Beaches Hapkido Awards

Congratulations to our worthy recipients of our Inaugural Northern Beaches Hapkido Award.

This award is given to a student who has put in a fantastic effort throughout the year, has shown commitment in attendance at class, true Martial Arts spirit and focus in their training and most of all demonstrated that they are following a humble and respectful path on their Hapkido journey.

Adults Classes: Kim Ansems
Teenagers Classes:  Tim Cho
Kids Classes:  Luke O’Donnell

Photos from Nov awards

For those who do not frequent the halls of Facebook – here are copies of the photos posted in Facebook from the awards night in Nov 2013.

Home » Photos from Nov awards » Black Belt Gradings » Awards Night - Nov 2013

Awards Night - Nov 2013

Award Ceremony for Master Brown's 7th Degree and Grandmaster Kim's 8th Degree.

Grading results from 2013 Senior Black Belt Gradings

The following students were successful in their 2013 Black Belt gradings:

1st Degree Black Belt

  • Jaxson Wilson – Byron bay
  • Michael Patterson – Byron Bay
  • Aloura Coombs – Byron bay
  • Martha Turner – Murwillumbah
  • Karla Zuluaga – Central Coast
  • Aaron Wark – Central Coast
  • Paul Mystakidis – Sutherland

2nd Degree Black Belt

  • Andrew Dunn – Brookvale
  • Russel Grierson – Castle Hill
  • Matthew Dunne – Castle Hill
  • Justine Lobb – Pittwater
  • Quintin Blackwell – Kempsey
  • Shane Cutland – Central Coast
  • Miguel Mesiti – Bondi
  • Garry Graham – Port Macquarie

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • Gavin Mansfield – Brookvale
  • Sam Morgan – Sutherland

4th Degree Black Belt

  •  Daniel Turner – Bondi

A Night to Remember

Saturday the 2nd of November 2013 will go down as an important date in the history of the Australian Hapkido Association. After a grading that saw many graders tested to their limit, the annual award night saw an event that brought many old Hapkido practitioners out of retirement to witness Master Kevin Brown awarded his 7th Dan and Grandmaster Matthew Kim awarded his 8th Dan.

These promotions recognise the roles, past and present, these leaders have and do play in the development of our Art in Australia. They also demonstrate the growth and potential of the Hapkido Association which continues to develop and produce new generations of Black Belts, Instructors and Masters.

A long time ago, when I was first getting students to a more senior level, I asked Master Kim, “How do you know when someone is ready to grade”. His answer was interesting: “When you start to think of them as being a higher level than they currently are.” I still use this as part of my guideline.

This year we decided to make the Awards Night a bit more formal than usual to reflect the importance of the special awards being granted. I believe this gave the occasion some of the dignity it deserved.

Another important part of the Annual award ceremony is the Master Scott Wetherell award. Master Scott Wetherell was the most “larger than life” people I have ever met, yet also one of the most genuine.

Master Mitchell Wetherell spoke of his brother and his contribution to his life and our Martial Art and presented the award for “Continuing the Journey” to Master Matt Geister. Matt is a worthy recipient who not only contributes to the Association as an able Secretary, he contributes his expertise both within his very successful club (with Master Tamanini) and to the Association as well, travelling and taking seminars and contributing to Black Belt training in Sydney.

Those I spoke to on the night, both past and present members, seemed filled with optimism for the future of our Association. Dominic Salsiccia pointed out to me that there is an element of these promotions that are “lifted from below” by the growth and development of the Association as well as the individual accomplishments of those receiving the awards.

Many worthy recipients received recognition of their new rank achieved at that days grading, but one person stands out to me, it is appropriate that he was awarded his 4th Dan, that is Daniel Turner. Danny stands out as one who has always striven to improve every detail of his martial art, right from the days he haunted Scott Wetherells dojang to the present day.

Danny carried out his grading with great focus and also a sense of enjoyment. His face breaking into smiles when he was really pushed at sparring he led the way in courage and enthusiasm.

When I see people like Danny coming through, I also have confidence in the future of our Association.

Ron Rees

Special groundwork workshop at Redhead Dojang – report from Craig Reay

This report was provided by Craig Reay on behalf of the Redhead Dojang Instructor – Mick Collins.

8Recently at our dojang in Redhead (near Newcastle), we ran a series of three groundwork seminars. These seminars were run by Jessica Malone and her father and former trainer Reg Malone. Both of our guest instructors are black belts in judo and Jessica is a former Olympian.  

7For our seminars to be a success, Jess and I worked together on a goal of what we hoped to achieve at the end of our training together. It was decided that our club had a reasonable amount of knowledge in how to transition to the ground but lacked somewhat in our skills for how to deal and defend ourselves if we are the ones being taken to the ground. So our goal was to build a base knowledge of groundwork, which we may be able to work our Hapkido into.

6To do this Jess came to a couple of our Hapkido classes and watched. We also went through our syllabus together to see how our techniques translate to the ground. Jess and I spent about three months working on how we would go about building our base for groundwork.

   Our first seminar was all about pins and how to escape from them or reverse them. For this to we all learned four pins from Judo. The ones selected were the four most common seen in MMA and wrestling as we decided these were the most likely to be used in a groundwork situation. From these pins we then learned a series of escapes. Most of the which we found involve bridging up and/ shrimping out of the pin.

10Our second seminar was spent doing a quick review of the first one for those who had missed out. We then moved onto how to turnover an opponent who is in the turtle position or prone position. We decided to put these techniques in so that we would have a better understanding of how to control a fight on the ground and to be able to then apply locks or arresting techniques . 

5Our last seminar was spent on revision or what we had learned for the half of the class. The second half of the class was spent on free sparring on the ground. We were also given the chance to try to adapt parts of what we had learned to suit our self defence.

Everyone involved had a great time and the seniors in the class have been very grateful for the assistance in their defence against pins and chokes.

4Thanks also to Mick Collins the head instructor of our club without whom we would not have been able to have had these seminars.

9Kind regards – Craig Reay – Hapkido student at Redhead Dojang.


New Video released for Sparring Drills – Level 1

Master Wetherell and Sam Morgan from the Sutherland Dojang have released a fantastic video showing the first basic series of drills designed to improve your sparring skills in Hapkido.These drills are easy to do and will help you develop your posture, core stability, mobility, defence and attack positions without fear of being hurt or injured.

Black belts have been practicing these drills in the black belt classes with Master Wetherell so do not hesitate to ask your instructors to show you these drills, explain them to you in more detail and help you practice them during your next Hapkido class.

Weekly Black Belt Classes with Master Brown now available at Pittwater Dojang

At Pittwater Dojang, the adult classes are now on Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm and also the Saturday morning 9am. The children classes remain unchanged.

There is also a Black Belt class on Tuesday nights 7pm – bring your weapons and your enthusiasm.

Master Kevin Brown


Grading Results – Stanwell Park – 15 Aug 2013

Master Kevin Brown visited Stanwell Park Dojang, Wollongong on 15th August for a belt grading. The results are:


Yellow Tip

  • Eamonn Gardner
  • Jayden Harris
  • Elliott Shaw
  • Aiden Bywater

Green Tip

  • Hugh Dillon


Yellow Tip

  • Phara Harris

Blue Tip

  • Jayden Currey
  • Josh Bower


It was a good grading, with 5 students going for their first grading & an overall improved performance in Self Defence.

Thanks to Master Kevin Brown for once again making the trip down to Wollongong.

Chris Currey, Stanwell Park Dojang