Hot off the press – Poong Yu Do video by Matt Geister

Matt Geister has provided a video of all the Poong Yu Do you need to
know from White Belt to Black Belt. Thanks Matt this will be an
invaluable resource in getting everyone up to speed with this important
part of our Hapkido. No excuses now!! Watch it and get practicing – in
fact – why not make it a part of you morning stretching routine. Doing
Poong Yu Do every morning will reduce your stress levels and make you
feel better the whole day long. Try it!!!
The video is available in the Download section under Syllabus (it is at the end of the list of movies).

Poong Yu Bup for White Belts

Updated Interim Syllabus Insert for Student Handbook V4 Apr 06

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO SYLLABUS FOR ALL INSTRUCTORS AND STUDENTS We have received much ffedback and suggestions. Here is V4. We intend this to be version that will go into the Student Handbook. Any changes from this syllabus will be saved up and implement when the syllabus is next reviewed (early 2007).
The Australian Hapkido Association launched this new syllabus in January 2006. The current student handbooks (4th Edition) do not contain this new syllabus. This insert is provided as an interim measure for our students until the new student handbooks are produced. Due to the likelihood of having to refine the syllabus over the first three months – the association does not plan to produce the new student handbooks until around June 2006. These inserts are available in PDF format FREE OF CHARGE from the association web page in the Downloads section under Documents.
This must be a popular document – we have had 325 downloads in the first half day since putting it up on the web page.

Hey – where are the photos from the Black Belt Grading?

Hey!! Last weekend we had a black belt grading at Miranda. Heaps of
people there had digital cameras and they were snapping away like
crazy. After the grading I asked if anyone with photos to please send
them to my email adress
are all probably thinking ‘I won’t bother because someone else already
has’. Well guess what? No-one else did either. Any photos would be
greatly appreciated.

Did you know how easy it is to add a story to this site?

The story below with the picture of the cup took me 5 minutes to compose and put up on the web. It is so easy!!
you have any info you want to share with your fellow Hapkidoists then
all you have to do is click on the SUBMIT NEWS button at the top of the
page. Just type in your content, preview your story and then post the
story – that is it!!

The webmaster then gets notification
that the story is waiting for review – they view the story and then if
is OK they allow it to appear in this main page.

So don’t be humble, do it today, have your say!! Don’t be afraid it won’t bite, you cannot break anything.

just a few of you post some news items every now and then, the whole
site becomes much more interesting and relevant for all our viewers


Here are some great products to help you look cool and support your local Hapkido club. These items are available thanks to the efforts of the Brookvale Dojang – thankyou.
To order – send an email to Matt at : he is waiting to receive your order and can even arrange for delivery. Limited stock so be quick.
Caps – $20

Back Packs – $28
T-shirts all – $25

Core techniques – live on the internet II

Last Friday night Mitchell Wetherall, Scott Wetherall and Daniel Marie got together in that secret location and captured some more footage of the core techniques(using my video camera this time!!).

Click here to see the animated core techniques for each belt .

If you want to download a single video of the enitre 15 core techniques (a bit better quality as well) go the Download Section and go to the Syllabus Section.

AHA History DVD Update

Scott Wetherell and I (Ed:Dean Stathers) wanted to thank everyone for all of the footage and photos input towards the upcoming AHA history DVD. As we all know the project is going to take a long time because there are 100’s of video’s and DVD’s to go through.

Scott has been working hard with Pete Fam producing many of the sneak peaks you have been able to download which helps keep us excited and motivated to complete the project. We are currently at the storyboard stage, gathering and sorting lots of material, so now is a good time to get your footage or photo’s to us so we can make you all stars.