Andrew Dutka

The Nabiac Club was started by Andrew Dutka and his wife Sharon in Oct 2006. They train at the Nabiac Showground Hall at 6 pm on Monday nights.

Andrew, Sharon and their 2 daughters all started training Hapkido as a family under Neil Rennie, the Hapkido instructor at Taree,  in 1999 and trained 3 nights a week. Neil Rennie is a students of Clive Stewart from Part Maquarie. Neil also trained to red belt under Daniel Marie in Sutherland in the late 80’s.

Andrew Dutka’s first martial art was Wado Ryu Karate in the north of England in 1974. He then trained in Shotokan Karate before moving to Australia in 1977.

He trained for a few years in Kushin Ryu in Fairfield and did a little Kung Fu as well.

He works as a community nurse specializing in aged and disability and dementia and has had many professions over the years including professional lifeguard, concretor .business owner, railway station master, advertising sales, chemical plant operator, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and physicist.

Andrew and Sharon were married in 1990. They have 2 daughters, both now at university.

The Nabiac club recently (2012) joined the AHA and are a most welcome addition to our family. The Nabiac Club has close ties with the Port Macquarie club and they often have combined training sessions and gradings.

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