Mark Fendley

In my younger days I was influenced by BILLY JACK and later on BRUCE LEE, Always wanting to do a martial art but the timing wasn’t always right .

During the school years I dabbled in JUDO and TAEKWONDO but was never completely satisfied with it. Although certain KARATE and KUNG FU arts interested me but by the time I had finished my schooling I was flying in & out of central Australia looking for oil and gas & never could commit the time to a martial art. till I settled down and started a family .

It was then that a mutual friend asked me if I would be interested in doing a martial art called HAPKIDO. My reply was that of great curiosity WHERE DOES THAT COME FROM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 28 I thought I was getting a little long in the tooth to be jumping around like a spring chicken. But I have never looked back and took hold with great passion & ran with it and was everything I was looking for.

I owe a great deal of thanks to the following people who influenced my Martial art Path:

  • Grand Master Mathew Kim who laid the foundation
  • Warick Ford for his technique
  • Dave Middleton (4th degree) the power and persistence
  • Shirsha Marie (4th degree) that the soft approach and could still deliver lethal power and with harmony
  • Phill Eizenberg (4th degree) would be the most positive instructor I have ever trained with.
  • The Most influential instructor would have to be (the master of Pain) Dr Barie Restall a patient man with a great knowledge of the ARTS.
  • Additional influences Master Andrew Byrnes, Ji Han Jae, Master Kang Jun (Gongkwon Yusul), Dojunim Kim Yun Sang (Hapkiyusul )
  • The late great ( master Scott Wetherell) who I had great pleasure of training with at the camps and shared a common view in sparring techniques, this man I personally miss as well as his influence.
  • Master Kevin Brown, the movement of BODY MIND and SOUL and FEET and the art of having fun, the dedication to us and the association.
  • TUP MOEKA ( 4th degree ) showing me that HAP KI DO IS A FAMILY and we are ONE.

To watch our students and my instructors become better than I, have an overwhelming satisfaction that I have succeeded .

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