Korean Language Learning Links

Information about Korean including its history.

  1. Learn Korean for Beginners (LearnKoreanLanguage.com)
    A good site with step-by-step instructions for learning the basics of the Korean language. Also includes excellent resources for other aspects of Koran culture and history. For history buffs, note the excellent summary of The Korean War.
  2. Korean Vocabulary Flashcards (Yale University)
    A great site that provides pictures that the user can select "Korean," "English," "Korean Sentence," "English Sentence," "Hear Word," "Hear Word Slowly", and "Hear Sentence." Perfect for quick refresher on common words.
  3. Korean Language Education Clearinghouse (Monash University)
    A very informative site with helpful online language tools and exercises.
  4. Korean Language Resources (alphaDictionary)
    Extensive list of Korean language resources including dictionaries, grammar tools, and fonts.
  5. Korean Language (WorldLanguage.com)
    A very brief summary of Hangul. A good place to start because it is such a quick read (scroll past the ads to get to the Hangul material).

  6. Learning Hangul with Soyongdori (ThinkQuest, Oracle Education Foundation)
    An excellent site that provides the essentials to learning Hangul. Includes a dictionary.
  7. Learn Korean (AeriaGloris.com)
    An excellent little interactive site to learn the Korean alphabet. Great for beginners!
  8. Hangul, the Korean Alphabet: Game
    This is a great web site that offers a fun way to learn Korean. Matching and linking-style games are available. This site also includes other information on writing and speaking.
  9. Introduction to Korean
    An excellent site created by J. David Eisenberg. If you are interrested in learning the Korean language, this is a great place to start. 
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