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Association Polo-Shirt- Black with red trim – embroidered AHA Logo on chest – nothing on the back – very stylish elegant.

  • Men’s sizes: Small, Medium, Large; X Large and XX Large       
  • Women’s sizes: 8-10; 12-14 ; 16-18
  • $35 each – while stocks last!!

 AHA Polo Shirt - WomenAHA Polo Shirt - Men35

Men’s Polo Shirt          Women’s Polo Shirt

Quality polo shirt made of 160gm 100% Driwear polyester moisture removal mini-waffle knit easy care fabric.
Driwear  Mini Waffle    



Association T-Shirt – White – Small AHA Logo on chest – Hapkido in Korean on the back – simple and elegant – 100% Cotton – various sizes available (12, 14, S, M, L , XL) – $25 each


Black Eagle Design – “Hapkido – complete art of self defence” on the chest, dynamic eagle and water-circle logo on the back – various sizes available (12, 14, S, M, L , XL). $25 each. Design concept by the famous Steve Luongo.



Ceramic Cup – White outside – black inside – black figures doing Hapkido on a red banner – very eye catching design by the famous Lea Stringer.


How to purchase (in Australia)

1. Send an email to the Merchandise Officer detailing:

  • what you want to buy
  • your name,
  • phone details,
  • delivery address.

2. We will check that we have the items in stock and send back an email with the amount and the payment details.

3. When we see that the money has arrived and is correct – we will send you merchandise in an Express Post satchell to you address and send you an email to notify you it is on the way.

4. Please send an email when you receive the merchandise so we can close off the order.

How to purchase (international)

1. Send an email to the Merchandise Officer detailing what you would like to buy and we will send a quote and information on how to make your payment.

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