What is Hapkido?

mkim1Hapkido is a martial art that is fun and challenging and can be studied by all ages.

Hapkido will teach how to defend yourself and will improve your strength, fitness, flexibility and your mind.

Hapkido is a Korean martial art that combines kicking, punching, joint locks, throws and weapons.

Hapkido covers a wide range of realistic situations and attacks. You will learn how to prevent your attacker from hurting you, you will learn to take advantage of you attacker’s weak points and you will learn how to take control of the situation.

Once you learn Hapkido you will be able to defend yourself in almost any situation. Hapkido will help you develop strength, flexibility, will power, self-discipline and confidence that will greatly enhance the quality of your life.

Hapkido is a martial art, not a sport. The aim of Hapkido is mastery of yourself, not others.

Elements of Hapkidokbrown1

  • self discipline and self confidence
  • respect for yourself and for others
  • realistic defense against any attack
  • powerful punches and kicks
  • effective break-falling
  • dynamic throws and takedowns
  • grappling and groundwork
  • circular and linear techniques
  • painful joint-locks & pressure point attacks
  • stick, pole, sword, walking cane, belt
  • stress relief and meditation
  • traditional Korean martial arts philosophy
  • friendly – be part of the Hapkido family

What does Hapkido mean?

In Korean:

  • Hapkido meaning“Hap” means to co-ordinate, combine or blend in with
  • “Ki” means energy, power or life force and
  • “Do” means the way, method or path depending on the context.

Hapkido is often loosely translated as the “art of co-ordinated power”.

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