Core Techniques – All 15 of them

Yellow Belt - 8th Kup
                         C1 Wing Lock       C2 Elbow Roll       C3 Z-lock
Green Tip - 7th Kup
                        C4 Face Push        C5 Corkscrew       C6 Fan Lock
Green Belt - 6th Kup
                                   C7 Hammer Lock      C8 Arm Bar          C9 Wrist & Shoulder Lock
Blue Tip - 5th Kup
                                        C10 Leg reap        C11 Hip throw       C12 Step Behind & Throw
Blue Belt - 4th Kup
                                     C13 Whip Throw     C14 Tornado Throw   C15 Neck & Chin Throw

Below is a video of all 15 techniques.

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