David Beneke

David Beneke

Started Training 1993.

  • 1st Degree 1997 – Master Peter Kim
  • 2nd Degree 1999 – Master Mathew Kim
  • 3rd Degree 2003 – Master Kevin Brown
  • 4th Degree 2007 – Master Kevin Brown
  • 5th Degree 2017 – Master Kevin Brown

I originally started in the Chatswood Dojang under the instruction of Brad Ward with occasional tuition from Master Mathew Sung Su Kim.

At the grade of red belt I moved to the Central Coast and came under the instruction of Ron Rees combined with regular training with Master Peter Sung Do Kim. I consider myself very lucky to have trained under two different Korean masters during my coloured belt days.

After attaining my first degree in 1997, I began teaching at the Wyong and Niagra Park Dojangs.

 In 2005 after grading to 3rd Degree, I moved back to Sydney and taught at the Brookvale dojang with Master Matt Geister.

After grading the 4th degree in 2007 I started my own club in Hornsby Heights where I have been ever since.

I achieved 5th dgree in Nov 2017 under Master Kevin Brown – my daughter Kate achieved her 1st degree black belt at the same grading!

The main three things that I always try to promote when teaching Hapkido is enhancing confidence, respect for others and having fun!!

David welcomes all students to come along to his class at Hornsby Heights – check out the details in the Club Directory.

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