Red Tip

Kicking Techniques
1. Flying side (Low impact option – sliding side)
2. Jumping turning back (Low impact option – sliding back)
3. Low turning then low spinning heel (diff. legs) (Low Impact Option – Low Turning then Mid Spinning Heel)
4. Reverse 180° turning

Self Defence

Rear Bear Hug – Arms Free
1. Double elbow
2. Wrist bend, turn & front kick
3. Step sideways, trap arms, kneel and throw, finish with elbow strike [Danger!]

Rear Bear Hug – Arms Trapped
1. Shoulder jiggle (one arm up, one arm down, etc.)
2. Shoulder throw
3. Thrust out, elbow strike, kneeling shoulder throw

Full Nelson
Note: push back against your forehead with your own hands to protect your neck.
1. Grab finger, turn around and leg reap
2. Thrust legs out, hips up, land sideways, twist & throw (kneel if necessary)
3. Thrust down & elbow strike (if early)

Rear Choke
1. Chin in, grab forearm & turn
2. Elbow to ribs or knifehand to groin & throw

Leg Locks
Click on image to download higher resolution video of this drill.

1. Achilles
2. Splits
3. Ankle
4. Calf (stomach down)

Multiple Grabbing
Demonstrate Self Defence Techniques

Basic Knife Defence
In this situation the attacker has a dangerous weapon that threatens your life – so your response must be appropriate to the situation – always finish in a lock or having disarmed your attacker.

Important Principles

  • Steel beats flesh
  • If you can run – escape – if you stay you will probably get cut.
  • Protect Primary Targets First! – Primary targets cause death or total incapacity in a short time. Secondary targets take longer to cause death or total disability, and are survivable through the application of basic first aid such as the use of tourniquets or pressure. Primary targets are mostly contained in the neck and torso. Secondary targets are contained in the extremities such as arms and legs.
  • Minimize the damage inflicted on you – turn your palms inwards, protect your neck and heart with the Shield Hand.
  • Maximize the damage that you inflict – in a real situation don’t be nice – you are fighting for your life.
  • Use the environment if possible – use a handful of dirt, a jacket, belt, shoes, anything to even the odds.

Knife Defence against straight thrust
1. C9 Wrist and Shoulder Throw
2. Pull down (third leg)
3. Police elbow lock

Knife Defence against inwards arc
1. C11 Hip throw
2. Shoulder Lever then Outer Elbow Lock throw
3. C4 Face Push

Knife Defence against downwards arc
1. C11 Hip throw
2. Elbow Lock – block with right, strike arm with left, lock arm in bent position and throw
3. Step behind & pull down
4. C7 Hammer lock then gooseneck
5. Side neck lock.

Knife Defence against outwards arc
1. C15 Tornado
2. C1 Wing Lock (dropping if necessary)
3. C5 Corkscrew
4. Step to the outside, block, grab arm, grab shoulder and foot sweep, kick to ribs.

Self Defence Drill 4 – Core Techniques 13 to 15


Click on image to download a full version of the video.
1. Wrist same hand. Swap hands, strike solar plexus then C13 Whip Throw.

2. Punch > C8 Arm Bar then throw around shoulder > Lock on the ground

3. Wrist Cross Hand > Lead the hand into a circle, bring the head to your chest, hook arm under chin and C15 Neck and Chin Throw

4. Punch > Step to outside, step behind and pull down.

5. Two handed choke > Before being grabbed, step to the outside > C14 Tornado Throw > roll attacker onto stomach using cricket bat

Pattern 6 – Poong Yu Gwan
1. Palms up on inspiration. Lower arms palms down inner block to the right with right palm upwards in expiration.
2. Palm heel thrust to the left with right hand, left foot forwards on inspiration.
3. Palm heel thrust with left hand stepping forward onto right foot on expiration.
4. Both hands pull up and back on inspiration for double hand sweep palms upward raising left foot on inspiration.
5. Turn 90 degrees to the left open hand thrust to throat left hand with palm upwards, right hand palm downwards all on expiration.
6. Step forward right foot repeat as above with right hand on inspiration.
7. Left hand out to side bring left foot to the right foot and right hand palm forwards to the right hip on expiration.
8. Step forward with right foot and double palm push on inspiration.
9. Keeping palms together step forward with left foot double palm push on expiration
10. On inspiration raise hands above head, lower hands to the sides as doing sideways half squat to the right arms out palms facing out, eyes watching the right hand.
11. Rotate to the left 180 degrees hands above head forming circle to the sides and raising palms to height of sternum on expiration.
12. Slight shift of body weight to right leg as both hands move to right and then sideways lunge to left and sweep with both arms on inspiration moving straight into left half squat, Laokong (right palm centre) facing Yintang (centre point between eyes) right hand palm facing floor just above knee.
13. Stand up towards the right, small half circle with both hands on expiration.
14. On inspiration stepping back with left leg palm upwards right hand glide, left hand behind back. Eyes watching Laokong. Keeping back straight.
15. Repeat to the right on expiration.
16. Repeat to the left on inspiration.
17. Step back with right foot double hand sweep into forward right palm heel thrust on expiration.
18. Raise both arms on inspiration for double hand forward push on expiration.
19. Left rolling lower block palm downwards with right upper crane block as sliding the left foot backwards on inspiration.
20. Repeat to the left on expiration.
21. Step facing the front finishing with raising double hands (palms downwards) on inspiration and lowering on expiration.

Weapons – Jukto
Bamboo Sword – Jukto basic striking
1. 3-step head, wrist and waist strikes
2. 2-step head, wrist and waist strikes
3. 1-step head, wrist and waist strikes

Key Principles
Large Circles (owning the centre and keeping it throughout the technique)

Pressure Points
1. Urinary Bladder 57 – middle of calf

Weak Points
1. Back of hand between metacarpals using knuckles or strike
2. Achilles tendon – leg locks

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