Blue Belt

Kicking Techniques
1. Axe
2. Stepping axe
3. Spinning axe
4. Jumping turning (rear leg)
5. Knee feint then jumping turning

Self Defence
C13 Whip Throw

  • Wrist (same hand)
  • Wrist (cross hand)
  • Double hands
  • Punch (jab then cross)
  • Finishing Technique – lock elbow using shins

C14 Tornado Throw

  • Wrist (same hand)
  • Wrist (cross hand)
  • Punch (jab then cross)
  • Rear double hands
  • Finishing technique – cricket bat

C15 Neck and Chin Throw

  • Wrist (cross hand)
  • Two hands onto one
  • Punch (jab then cross)
  • Two handed push

Front Bear Hug – Arms Free
1. Clap ears & twist head
2. Grab lower back & push chin

Front Bear Hug – Arms Trapped
1. Grab rib skin & knee strike
2. Knee to groin & hip throw
3. Push out attacker’s hips and shoulder lock (arm straight) and knee strike to head [DANGER!!]

Belt – Front (Palm Down)
1. Knuckle to top of hand & wrist lock & elbow lock
(if necessary)
2. Hip throw

Multiple Grabbing
Demonstrate Self Defence Techniques

Sparring Drill
Start with the left leg forward in sparring stance at punching distance.

1. One partner does turning kick (R) to stomach then spinning hook (L) to head.

2. Other partner steps back to avoid turning kick and leans back to avoid spinning hook kick.

3. Then alternate straight away and keep repeating back and forth.

Also practice starting with right leg forward to develop both sides equally.

Pattern 5 – Crane Pattern
A1. Double punch to the head (R then L)

Craneblock (R) to first punch then simultaneous Outer block (R) to secondpunch and crane strike (L) to jaw, whip throw [opponent’s left hand],step forwards sparring stance [R leg forwards]


A2. Upper punch (R) then lower punch (L)

Uppercrane block (R), lower palm block (R), check (L) & uppercut (R)Step around & wrist lock throw [opponent’s left hand], turn aroundsparring stance [R leg forwards]


A3. Front kick (R) then upper punch (R)

Stepout & lower palm block (R) to the kick, crane block (R) to thepunch, check (L) & palm heel strike (R) to the chin, grab and throw(N), turn around sparring stance [L leg forwards]


A4. Front kick (R) then upper punch (R)

Stepback & lower palm block (R) to the kick, upper crane block thepunch (R), check (L) & uppercut (R), step through & whip throw[opponent’s right hand], downwards knifehand strike (R)[Kyup]


Pressure Points
1. Urinary Bladder 39 and 40 – upper calf behind knee (side headlock)
2. Spleen 10 – inside leg just above knee (front headlock)
Backof hand between metacarpals using knuckles or strike

Weak Points
1. Skin over latissimus dorsi – front bearhug2. Skin over triceps – can be used as softening/distraction technique3. Backof hand between metacarpals using knuckles or strike


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