Blue Tip

Core Techniques – Blue Tip

Kicking Techniques
1. Low spinning heel (Low Impact Option – Mid Spinning Heel)
2. Low spinning hook (Low Impact Option – Mid Spinning Hook)
3. Low turning – follow through (optional)
4. Turning then spinning heel.
5. Turning kick then 180* turning Kick

Self Defence
C10 Leg Reap

  • Wrist (same hand)
  • Double hands
  • Rear double shoulder
  • Punch (jab then cross)
  • Finishing Lock – locking arm, scarf lock – keep your head down – keep body at 90° (WARNING! – only good for a single attacker)

C11 Hip Throw

  • Wrist (same hand) – hip throw
  • Wrist (cross hand) – belt and hip throw
  • Shoulder
  • Single lapel
  • Double lapel (grab sleeves of attacker)
  • Punch (jab then cross)
  • FinishingLock – arm bar between knees with forearm trapped on your chest – raisehips (WARNING! – only good for a single attacker)

C12 Step Behind and Throw

  • Wrist (cross hand)
  • Shoulder
  • Single lapel
  • Double hands from rear
  • Double sleeves from rear

Side Headlock
1. Grab hair & knee pressure point
2. Grab hair, groin & push forwards
3. Grab inner thigh skin and twist

Front Headlock
1. Drop, grab ankle and press with knifehand against leg above the knee
2. Grab eyes & body roll

Collar from Front
1. Head under & wing lock

Collar from Rear

1. Arm up – spin to outside & elbow lock
2. Arm-up – spin to inside & leg reap/chinpush

Multiple Grabbing
Demonstrate Self Defence Techniques


Self Defence Drill 3 – Core Techniques 7 to 12

Click on the image below to download the full video of this drill.

1. Double sleeves from rear

C12 Step behind and Throw

2. Double hands grab

C9 Wrist and ShoulderThrow
(attackerdoes side fall – not turning side fall) > apply finishing lock –attacker has their back on the floor, arm curled up locking wrist onground, pressing down on elbow, knee pressing down on their ribs –other arm raised ready to punch

3. Single Wrist grab (same hand)

Swaphands, backfist to solar plexus then C8 Arm Bar, step forward, applypressure to elbow with upper arm, attacker goes into cat roll.

4. Downward knifehand strike to head

Stepto outside, block and merge with strike, pull opponent off balance thengo under arm into C7 Hammer Lock and Gooseneck, push shoulder forwardsforcing opponent to spin to face you, step forwards to meet them, C11Hip Throw and finish with a punch and kyup.

Poong Ryu Bub – Part 3
1. Tea Cup movement. 8 times alternating sides.
2. Archer movement. 8 times alternating sides.

Weapons – Danbon
Danbon Basics
1. Downwards strike
2. Outer strike
3. Inner strike
4. Thrust to solar plexus
5. Against single hand grab. Rotate Danbon outside, grab end with other hand and apply C3 – Z Lock.
6. Against opposite hand grab. Rotate Danbon outside, transfer to other hand and apply Elbow Roll using Danbon against triceps.
7. Against double hand grab. Rotate Danbon outside, grab end with other hand and apply C3-Z Lock.
8. Against two hands onto one. Rotate Danbon outside, transfer to other hand and apply C2 Elbow Roll using Danbon against triceps.

Key Principles and Skills
Sources of power – legs, hips, shoulders, arms
Transferring power from the ground to the arms

Pressure Points
1. Triple Heater 17 – finishposition from many hip throws using thumb
2. Urinary Bladder 39 and 40 – upper calf behind knee (side headlock)
3. Spleen 10 – inside leg just above knee(front headlock)

Weak Points
1. Skin in inner thigh – sideheadlock
2. Eyes – front headlock
3. Sternocostal joint – can use knucklesduring leg reap

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