Green Tip

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Core Techniques – Green Tip

Hand Techniques

  1. Outer rolling block then backfist
  2. Inner rolling block then backfist
  3. Outer rolling block then elbow
  4. Inner rolling block then elbow
  5. Backfist feint then palm heel to chin
  6. Backfist feint then reverse knifehand to head

Kicking Techniques

  1. Front foot side
  2. Front foot turning
  3. Front hook
  4. Sliding hook
  5. Spinning crescent
  6. Jumping front


  1. Long cat roll
  2. High cat roll
  3. Cat roll over obstacle (optional)

Self Defence

C4 Face Push

C5 Corkscrew

C6 Fan Lock (attacker does side fall – not turning side fall)

Multiple Grabbing

Demonstrate self defence techniques

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Self Defence Drill 2 – Core Techniques 1 to 6

Click on image below to download a video of this drill.

  1. Punch attack – C5 Corkscrew > pivot 180 to the front > pull arm into elbow lock > step back and lay attacker onto their stomach.
  2. Double shoulder grab – C4 Face Push > they do back fall
  3. Single shoulder grab – C1 Wing Lock > C3 Z Lock > C2 Elbow Roll > push attacker forwards into cat roll
  4. Keep hold of the attacker’s hand and follow attacker as they do the cat roll > as they are getting up execute a C6 Fan Lock (attacker does side fall) > lock elbow using shin.

Poong Ryu Bub – Part 2

  1. Single hand push 45° to the right 3 times then 45° to the left 3 times. Eyes watching front hand at all times. Inspiration as arm is bent, expiration as it is extended.
  2. Feet one shoulder width apart, palms together and raise arms to sides on inspiration (like graceful bird). Lower arms and hands in semi circle on expiration. 8 repetitions and finish with feet together and arms coming down to sides.

Weapons – Magazine

Rolled up magazine or newspaper

Basic striking and thrusting

  1. Downward strike (to head or face)
  2. Straight thrust (to solar plexus or throat)
  3. 45 degree Downward strikes (to collar bone)
  4. Whip strike (to side of head or ribs)

Key Principles and Skills

  • Blending from one technique to another smoothly
  • Continuous unbalancing of opponent throughout entire technique
  • Continuous application of pain throughout the entire technique
  • Maintaining your own posture during the technique
  • Following the technique’s momentum

Pressure Points

  1. Large Intestine 20 – can be used as alternate to face push using index and middle finger
  2. Triple Heater 3 – can be used in fan lock

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