Knife Syllabus

The new Basic Knife Syllabus for Colour Belts has been recently released. The current syllabus has knife defence appearing at Red Tip. We have found that Red Tips were not getting the skills required to effectively deal with a realistic commited knife attack using only what was being taught in the Red Tip syllabus.

Senior members of the association have been researching knife defence for several years and have come up with a basic set of drills that will give our students the skills and habits to improve their chances of surviving a knife attack. Of course, the preferred option for knife defence is one you probably already can do – run and don’t look back!

Over the next three to four  months it is planned that our instructors will take all our students of all grades through the Level One material. This should only take five to ten minutes of every class and will greatly improve your reflexes and hand co-ordination. We hope everyone will enjoy doing these drills.

Here is a summary of the knife defence material and how it will be introduced over the coming year into our classes.

  Level   Belts   Concepts  Drills
  1   White
  Footwork and Distance
  Pass or Stop
 1 – Tapi Tapi
 2 – Pass or Stop
  2   Green
  Stripping the knife
 3 – Pass or Stop then Counter-strikes
 4 – Pass or Stop then Strip the knife
  3   Red
  Trapping the arm and wrist
  Applying Locks and Throws
 5 – Pass or Stop then Trap Arm
 6 – Counter-strike or Trap, Lock and Throw

To help you understand what this basic knife syllabus is about we are providing a manual. 

Click here to download the Knife Syllabus Handbook

A 30 minute video of the presentation of the Knife Syllabus during the February 2011 Black Belt Class in Sydney is available in 3 parts on Youtube. This is not a professional video – Matt Geister just happened to be there with his camera and recorded what was being said and shown to the class. Each part lasts about ten minutes – click on the links below to see the videos:

Knife Syllabus Video – Part 1

Knife Syllabus Video – Part 2

Knife Syllabus Video – Part 3

This course is designed to teach knife DEFENCE only – not knife fighting. Some knowledge about the dangers of knives and how knives can be used is required – but the focus is on unarmed defence against a sharp weapon.

if you have any questions regarding this course please contact Tupuna Moekaa from Hunter Hapkido.

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