Phil Eizenberg

Profession: Musician / Composer / Songwriter / Bio-medical technician.

I met Grandmaster Mathew Sung Su KIm in 1984 at the age of 34yrs and received my Black Belt in 1988.
Since that time I have trained continually and travelled to Korea to further study my Hapkido.

It was Grandmaster Kim who opened the door for me to live and learn from himself and the Korean masters.

Great Masters I have trained with include.

Sung Su Kim
Bong Soo Han
Ji Han Jae
Kim young son
Chan Ill Muck
Chan Ill Chung
Prof Hurr
Master Woo
Yee Young So
Dr Hee Young Kimm
Kwang Sik Mung
Lee Jae Bum

Ju Jitsu
Prof Wally Jay
Prof Robert Clark
Prof Don Jacobs

Tony Blauer – Martial art psycology
Benny "the Jet " Urquidez

I have received instruction from a school in Seoul Korea and still practice that traditional style.
Master Andrew Burns in Australia is now my mentor for this.

I also love and train Hapki Yu Sool. Thanks to KIM YOUNG SON I have been able to sample this wonderful technique.

Naturally there are many more colleagues , training partners and students that have made my Martial Art career so rewarding.

It never seems to stop.

I had first been in Korea in 1974 and had a fond memory of the Korean People. My Martial Art friends there are still with me today.

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