Benefits of our association

The Australian Hapkido Association provides a number of services for its members and offers prospective martial arts instructors, interested in learning this dynamic art, these key benefits:

  • The association is insured for public liability and professional indemnity. This covers all instructors in the association.
  • The promotions officer provides information about the association to various media such as martial arts magazines. Instructor profiles are used to promote the image of the association.
  • There is an on going program to provide quality instruction from hapkido masters around the world.
  • Ongoing technical and cultural association with the Korea Hapkido Association including exchange visits to each country.
  • Students and instructors will be part of an association and “family” of hapkidoists that have maintained their integrity throughout the years and have the best interests of Australian hapkido at heart.
  • Many other benefits that become apparent through membership such as access to members in the association who have a broad range of hapkido skills developed over the past 27 years
  • If you or your club are interested in becoming a member of the Australian Hapkido Association please contact Daniel Marie…
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