How to tie your belt

Arrow Step 1 – Start

    Grab the belt with your right hand and roughly adjust it to thelength you’d like it to sit at (this will be the short end). Cross eachend over your waist.

Arrow Step 2 – The wrap around

    Wrap the long end of the belt around your waist (usually just once).

Arrow Step 3a – Loop up the back of the ‘buckle’

    Loop the long end of the belt (now in your right hand) up throughthe back of your belt’s ‘buckle’ (at the center of your waist).

Arrow Step 3b – Pull through the ‘buckle’

    Use your thumb to pull the long end of the belt up and through the back your ‘buckle’.

Arrow Step 3c – Ready for the next step

    Check that both ends of the belt come out from behind the ‘buckle’.

Arrow Step 4a – Tie your knot

    Cross each belt end over and tie a knot as shown in Step 4a and 4b.

Arrow Step 4b – Check your knot

    Make sure your knot looks even and your belt ends appear to be hanging evenly.

Arrow Step 4c – Adjust your belt ends

    Adjust the length of each belt end by adjusting your knot untilthey are even. Make sure your knot looks like the closeup and your beltends are hanging at a similar angle downwards.

Arrow Step 5 – All done!

    Thanks to Ken for writing this article and taking the photos.

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