Yellow Belt

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Core Techniques – Yellow Belt

Hand Techniques

  1. Knifehand strike – inward & downward
  2. Spinning knifehand strike – forward & backward


  1. Cat roll into side fall (stay down)

Kicking Techniques

  1. Turning side
  2. Turning back
  3. Inward crescent (outside to inside)
  4. Outward crescent (inside to outside)
  5. Front & turning
  6. Front foot side then turning side
  7. Turning side then turning back

Self Defence

C1 Wing Lock

C2 Elbow Roll

C3 Z-lock

Multiple Grabbing

Demonstrate Self Defence Techniques

Key Principles and Skills

  • Leverage – understand where the fulcrum, load and lever is for all your techniques.
  • Keeping technique close to your body – close to danjun, close to hip, elbows in, below shoulders.
  • Understand which biomechanical angle favours your major arm and leg muscles.

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Pressure Points

  1. Large Intestine 10 – upper foream (used in Z-Lock)
  2. Triple Heater 6 – back of wrist (used in Z-Lock)
  3. Large Intestine 4 – between thumb and forefinger

Weak Points

  1. Tricep Tendon – just above rear of elbow (used in elbow roll)


Pattern 3 – Four Directional Deflection & Counter

A1. Punch to the head (R)[walking stance][kyup]

Inner deflection (R), front backfist (R) walking stance], reverse finger thrust (L) [walking stance][Kyup], low-section side kick (L),turn around sparring stance.

A2. Punch to head (R)[walking stance][kyup]
Outer deflection (R), ridge hand to jaw (R) checking elbow (L) [L-stance],grab, pull in & twist kick (L) to shin, turn to the right, sparring stance.

A3. Punch to head (R)[walking stance][kyup]
Upper deflection (R), elbow strike (R)[L-stance] to the ribs, step back into sparring stance, check elbow (R) & turning kick (R), low turning kick to shins (L) striking with the heel, turn around sparring stance.

A4. Punch to the head (R)[walking stance] then punch to the groin (L)[walking stance][kyup]
Upper deflection (R)[L-stance], lower deflection (R)[L-stance], short knifehand strike to neck (R) step across (R), step through (L),spinning knifehand strike (L) to the neck [walking stance][kyup]

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Yellow Belt Pattern

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