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  1. L-stance

Hand Techniques

  1. Jab/cross combination
  2. Deflection (closing attacker)
  3. Hook punch
  4. Knife hand block
  5. Inward Knifehand strike (palm up)
  6. Side guarding block (cover head and body at same time)

Kicking Techniques

  1. Low Slicing (to the knee)
  2. Low Side (to the shins or knee)
  3. Midsection Side (to the side)
  4. Stepping side (in horse-riding stance)
  5. Sliding front
  6. Sliding turning


  1. Front fall
  2. Side fall

Self Defence

Double Hands

  1. Release one hand > elbow strike tosolar-plexus
  2. Strike wrist (LU7) > knife hand strike toneck (LI18)

Two Hands onto one hand

  1. Push down towards ground > pull up thumb or fingers
  2. Small circle using other hand to help.

Release from two hand grab from behind

  1. Elbows in > drop weight > turn one way, then the other > then step back under their arm and push arms away.
  2. Lower weight > push arms forward and body back into attacker > double elbow strike [Danger!]

Defence against punch

Start at punching distance.

  1. Against jab > deflect to close attack
  2. Against jab > deflect jab > kick to shins
  3. Against jab > deflect jab > turning kick to thigh or mid-section
  4. Against cross > deflect to close attack
  5. Against cross > deflect cross using sword movement > step to outside (90*) block > knee to ribs
  6. Against cross > deflect cross – step to outside (90*) block > side kick to knees or ribs
  7. Against round punch> step to inside –simultaneous block > palm to face/chin/nose.
  8. Against round punch > step to inside –simultaneous block > punch to solar plexus
  9. Against round punch > step to inside –simultaneous block > elbow to head


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Sparring Drill

Start with the left leg forward in sparring stance at punching distance.

  1. One partner does a jab to head, cross to solar plexus then rear leg turning kick to the floating ribs.
  2. Other partner does upper block against jab, downwards block against cross then steps back and does guarding block against the turning kick.
  3. Then alternate and keep repeating back and forth.

Also practice starting with right leg forward to develop both sides equally.


Self Defence Drill 1 – Releases and Strikes
Click on image below to view a video of this drill.

  1. Single Hand Grab > Release and spin 180*
  2. Single Hand Grab and pull> Strike wrist to release and knifehand strike to neck (attacker leans back to avoid strike and replies immediately with the next attack.
  3. Punch > Step to outside (90*) and deflect the punch, grab the arm and knee to ribs > push attacker away
  4. Two Handed Choke > Grab one hand, other arm over and then elbow strike to head with loud kyup [DANGER!!]

Multiple Grabbing

  • Demonstrate defence against dynamic grabs to wrists – front and rear – using releases only – or release/strike.
  • Includes defence against punch – use 90* and 180* footwork
  • Importance of head movement – don’t look at feet

Key Principles and Skills

  • Non-resistance –relax, don’t tense when grabbed – don’t be there
  • Circle Principle– lead an attack into a circle
  • Blending with opponent’s movement – just enough so the attacker still thinks they have control of you
  • Using 90* and 180* step – use of body weight, not arm strength.
  • Sword movement for deflecting punches – presenting a triangle to the attacking line

Pressure Points

  • Kidney 1 – healing point or used for warming up

Weak Points

  • Solar Plexus – used for elbow strikes and punch.

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