Chris Currey

Chris Currey is the instructor at Stanwell Park near Wollongong.

1985 – My first introduction to the world of martial arts began with ARJUKEN KARATE where my older brother was training. I enjoyed the training but lacked the focus at the time, leaving after the first few belts.


Flying Side Kick

1991 – Began training at RHEE TAE KWON DO under instruction of  Lloyd Pilgrim. Martial arts soon became part of my weekly activities, a big part of my life.

1993 – Now at Brown Belt at Tae Kwon Do, my friends Troy, Pete mentioned that they were trying out a Martial Art named HAPKIDO.

I asked if I could accompany them & so began my HAPKIDO training, under the confident & charismatic tutelage of  Master Scott Wetherell, Sutherland Club. Scott never ran out of energy & knew how to get the best out of his students.

I was instantly impressed with the combination of kicks, punches, falling, self defence, weapons, etc, realised how much more there was to learn.


Masters Scott and Mitchell Wetherell

1993/ 94 – Kept a steady routine of 2 nights HAPKIDO, 2 nights Tae Kwon Do as well as extra training with mates whenever possible.

Began instructing a Wednesday night class of Tae Kwon Do at Caringbah.

I had some success with tournaments with a 1st, three 3rds in the NAS, National All Styles in the fighting division.

1995 – Graded to 1st Degree Black Belt in RHEE Tae Kwon Do in September 1995, met my wife Karen. This was a good year. I was on red tip in HAPKIDO at this stage.


In the Australian Hapkido Association Annual Tournament I received 1994 Man of the Year.

1998 – Moved to Pheasants Nest,Southern Highlands.

1999 / 2000 – Studied Kickboxing in Tahmoor.  My eldest son Jayden was born.

2003 – My son Taylah was born.

2005 November – Moved to Austinmer, Wollongong, recommenced training at the Sutherland Club under Mitchell Wetherell.

I am extremely fortunate to have had the combined training force of the Wetherell Brothers. Scott in the 90’s, Mitch now.

You will never meet two people with such focus, knowledge of the Hapkido art, the ability to teach.


Relief after a tough grading with Master Wetherell

Australian Hapkido Association Annual Tournaments.

  • 1994   Man of the Year
  • 2006   Man of the Year
  • 2007   Men’s Champion
  • 2009   Man of the Tournament
  • 2013   Man of the Tournament
  • 1994, 2006 – 2009, 2013, 2014
  • Falling (Long Cat roll) Men’s Champion.
  • 2008 – My youngest son Zahn was born.
  • 2009 – Returned to RHEE Tae Kwon Do in November 2009 with my 2 oldest boys, as Assistant Instructor of Thirroul.
  • 2010 – Graded to 1st Degree Black Belt in HAPKIDO in November 2010

Mitchell Wetherell & myself at my  Black Belt Grading March 2011 – Founded the STANWELL PARK Hapkido Club, Wollongong.  With the start of the Stanwell Park club, I have a renewed hunger for HAPKIDO, both in my own training, in the training of others.

2012– Graded to 2nd Degree Black Belt in HAPKIDO in November 2012.

International competition in Korea

International competition in Korea

June 2011 – Travelled to South Korea with the AHA team to train, compete in the World Yongmoodo Championships. This was an amazing experience to not only visit Korea, but to train, compete with International Martial Artist from all over the world.

We were also very fortunate to train with Masters in Hapkido, Judo, Yongmoodo and Tae KwonDo.

Training with Master Kang

Training with Master Kang

Some of my more memorable training days, nights were the intense 3 day training schedule at Youngdong Uni, night training with Master Kang, an amazing day seminar with Grand Master Choi.






Training with Grand Master Choi

The people in the Australian team made the trip, great bonds were formed with friends old, new, that have continued after returning home.

I believe it has helped to unify the different clubs, instructors / students of the AHA from Melbourne to Mullumbimby.




HAPKIDO has been a large part of my life for over 20 years, has given me great satisfaction, lifelong friends, great memories of camps, tournaments, training, general socialising. I have been fortunate over the years, to train under the best Hapkidoist in Australia, probably the world;

  • Grandmaster Matthew Kim
  • Master Kevin Brown
  • Master Matt Geister
  • Master Scott Wetherell
  • Master Mitchell Wetherell.
Black Belt Grading 2010

Black Belt Grading 2010

Personally, one of the amazing aspects about the Australian Hapkido Association is all the people mentioned above, with all their years of experience, training, are still REAL people. Very approachable, always willing to train, talk, pass on pieces of their valuable knowledge.

A special thanks to my wife Karen for putting up with many training nights, shift work, my endless talk about HAPKIDO.


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