Defence against punches

We are adopting a new situation for practising defence against punches. The more traditional situation was for the attacker to step forwards and punch. This does not reflect typical situations against a punch where the attacker will normally punch when they are in range, that is, from much closer.

This traditional situation was used to give students the chance of building up timing and distance skill – giving the defender plenty of time to react to the attack. However this gives students a false impression of being able to handle punch attacks. It establishes in the student’s mind and body a set of reactions unrelated to real life situations.

For these reasons, when practicing defence against punches, the attacker should start at punching distance. The best option for the person defending is to close the opponents attack and step to the outside. Opening the attacker or going to the inside creates danger and more opportunities for further attacks.

The range used in this situation is much closer than range used in the traditional situation and will give students more skills in dealing with a punch at a distance that is much more real. This will also allow the student to lead into self-defence more easily from a punch.

For Yellow Tips teach the following techniques.

1. Against jab > deflect to close attack

2. Against jab > deflect jab > kick to shins

3. Against jab > deflect jab > turning kick to thigh or mid-section

4. Against cross > deflect to close attack – Animation to be provided.

5. Against cross > deflect cross using sword movement > step to outside (90*) block > knee to ribs

6. Against cross > deflect cross – step to outside (90*) block > side kick to knees or ribs

7. Against round punch> step to inside – simultaneous block > palm to face/chin/nose.

8. Against round punch > step to inside – simultaneous block > punch to solar plexus

9. Against round punch > step to inside – simultaneous block > elbow to head

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