Black Belt Register

This is a list of all students who have ever graduated from the Australian Hapkido Association since its beginnings in Oxford St in 1979.

Black Belts are assigned to the club in which they were training when they graded for their First Degree. They may not be still training at that club and may even have started a club of their own.

  Club Family Name First Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Actively Training with AHA?
1 Port Macquarie ??? Narelle x             No
2 Port Macquarie ABBOTT Naomi x             No
3 Port Macquarie ABBOTT Steve x             No
4 Brookvale ADDISON Glenn x             No
5 Oxford St, Sydney AKKAWI Marwan x             No
6 Hunter ALDERSON James x Oct-09           Yes
7 Pittwater ANGLICAS Luke Nov-12             Yes
8 Brookvale ANSLEY Jenny x             No
9 Brookvale ANSLEY John x x x x  x     Yes
10 Sutherland ARKLEY Barry x             No
11 Port Macquarie AUSTERBERRY Kelly x             No
12 Melbourne BACON Vincent     x         No
13 Central Coast BAKER Lilibeth x             No
14 Byron Bay BANTU Dierk x             Yes
15 Adelaide BARKER Justin x             No
16 Sutherland BARRASS Michael x x           No
17 Brookvale BARTON Paul x             No
18 Kogarah BASCOMBE Karl x             No
19 Glebe BAUDIS Ondrej x             Yes
20 Central Coast BAXTER Shaun x x           No
21 Byron Bay BEHRENT Mitchell x             Yes
22 Central Coast BENEKE David x x x x  Nov-17     Yes
23 Port Macquarie BENNETT Diana x             Yes
24 Port Macquarie BENNETT Jamie x x x x       Yes
25 Murwillumbah BERGQUIST Anthony x             Yes
26 Murwillumbah BERGQUIST Mark x x Apr-08         Yes
27 Unknown BERTHOIN Mark x             No
28 Port Macquarie BEYER Mathias x             Yes
29 Port Macquarie BEYER Matthius x             Yes
30 Unknown BIRREL Melissa x             No
31 Kempsey BLACKWELL Quentin x             No
32 Hunter BLANCH Naomi Nov-12             Yes
33 Oxford St, Sydney BLANDY Greg x x x x       No
34 Hunter BLIAS Alexander x             Yes
35 Byron Bay BLOOMFIELD Keahan x             No
36 Hunter BLUMEL Mike Nov-11             Yes
37 Port Macquarie BOARDMAN Lex x             No
38 Oxford St, Sydney BOOTH Geoff x             No
39 Oxford St, Sydney BOWDEN Chris x             No
40 Murwillumbah BRACE Claire x             Yes
41 Murwillumbah BRACE Hamish x             Yes
42 Bondi Junction BRESSAN Dominic x             Yes
43 Central Coast BRIDGE Richard x x x         No
44 Oxford St, Sydney BRISCOE Jason x             No
45 Central Coast BROOKE Roger x             No
46 Port Macquarie BROOKES Jamie x             No
47 Oxford St, Sydney BROPHY Jim x             No
48 Sutherland BROWN Elizabeth x x x Nov-11       Yes
49 Brookvale BROWN Kevin x x Oct-92 x x x x Yes
50 Melbourne BROWNRIGG Andrew x             Yes
51 Brisbane BUCHANAN Douglas x             No
52 Melbourne BUNAG Dennis x             Yes
53 Sutherland BUTTERWORTH Brett x             No
54 Sutherland BUTTERWORTH Trish x x x x  Nov-17     Yes
55 Oxford St, Sydney BYRNES Andrew x             No
56 Brookvale CALLAGHAN Simon x x x Nov-12       Yes
57 Castle Hill CAMPBELL Stuart Nov-11             Yes
58 Pittwater CANJA Sydney x Nov-12           Yes
59 Paddington CANTLEY Ian x             No
60 Brookvale CASEY Anthony x             No
61 Parkleigh CAUCHI George x             No
62 Bondi Junction CHILDS Adam Oct-09             No
63 Norfolk Island CHRISTIAN John x             Yes
64 Port Macquarie CLARE Jane x             Yes
65 Sutherland CLARK Brett x x Oct-09         Yes
66 Castle Hill COLBURT Mark Oct-09 Nov-11           Yes
67 Castle Hill COLBURT Stephen Oct-09 Nov-11           Yes
68 Hunter COLLINS Buddy Nov-12             Yes
69 Hunter COLLINS Mick x x           Yes
70 Kempsey COOK Chris x             No
71 Port Macquarie COOKE Arthur x             No
72 Byron Bay COOMBS Danielle x             Yes
73 Central Coast COTTERELL Raymond x x           Yes
74 Oxford St, Sydney CRAWFORD Tim x             Yes
75 Brookvale CROTTY Justin x             No
76 Sutherland CURREY Chris x x           Yes
77 Port Macquarie CURTIS David x             No
78 Port Macquarie CURTIS Marie x             No
79 Central Coast CUTLAND Shane Nov-11             Yes
80 Teven DARGIE Ben x x           Yes
81 Brookvale DAVIS Craig x             No
82 Port Macquarie DAVIS Steve x             Yes
83 Central Coast DECOQUE Kristy x             No
84 Byron Bay DEMPSEY Amy x             Yes
85 Murwillumbah DIETRICH Graham x             Yes
86 Sutherland DONOHOE Mark x             Yes
87 Port Macquarie DONOVAN Steve x             Yes
88 Central Coast DOUGHERTY Steve x x x         No
89 Campbelltown DOYLE Greg x             Yes
90 Central Coast DOYLE Paul x             No
91 Byron Bay DUNABAR Justin x             No
92 Brookvale DUNNE Andrew x             Yes
93 Castle Hill DUNNE Matthew Nov-11             Yes
94 Byron Bay DUTTON Eli x x Oct-09  Nov-17       Yes
95 Unknown EAGER Jane x             No
96 Teven EDWARDS Andy x             No
97 Oxford St, Sydney EIZENBERG Phil x x x x       Yes
98 Oxford St, Sydney EL DAHAB Mohamed x x           No
99 Brookvale ELLIOTT Jake x             No
100 Brookvale ELLIOTT Simone x             No
101 Byron Bay ERLER Christian (Rajan) x             No
102 Oxford St, Sydney ESPINOSA John x x           No
103 Brookvale EVANS Chris x             No
104 Central Coast EVANS Grant x             No
105 Central Coast EXPRESTER Seigmund x             Yes
106 Kogarah FALE James x             No
107 Brookvale FARREL Sean x             No
108 Sutherland FEAHTERSTONE Sonia x x Nov-11         Yes
109 Central Coast FEETAM Kelly x Nov-12           Yes
110 Murwillumbah FENDLEY Mark x x x         Yes
111 Byron Bay FITZPATRICK Simon x             Yes
112 Brookvale FLAHERTY John x             No
113 Castle Hill FOLTIN Derek x             Yes
114 Paddington FONG David x             No
115 Sutherland FOO Kenny x x           Yes
116 Port Macquarie FOORD Michael x             Yes
117 Oxford St, Sydney FORD Warwick x x           No
118 Byron Bay FOSTER Scott x             Yes
119 Brookvale FOX Martin x             No
120 Castle Hill FRYIRS Tim x             Yes
121 Central Coast GANZEVOORT Riemer x             No
122 Brookvale GEISTER Matt x x x x Apr-07  Dec-16   Yes
123 Oxford St, Sydney GHANI Ibrahim x x           No
124 Brookvale GHOSH Chris x  x           No
125 Oxford St, Sydney GOVAN Amil x             No
126 Port Macquarie GRAHAM Garry x             Yes
127 Melbourne GRAHAM Rob x             Yes
128 Unknown GREENE Paul x             No
129 Port Macquarie GREENTREE Glenn x             No
130 Castle Hill GRIERSON Russel x             Yes
131 Hunter GRIME Ellen x             Yes
132 Paddington GROGAN Brian x             No
133 Central Coast GROGAN Troy x             No
134 Murwillumbah HAGUE Ross x             Yes
135 Oxford St, Sydney HAN Tae Hee x x x         No
136 North Sydney HANCOCK Jenny x             No
137 Brookvale HANNEMANN Karl x             No
138 Brookvale HARGRAVE Rodney x             No
139 Byron Bay HARTNETT Albie x             No
140 Byron Bay HARTNETT Reuben x             No
141 Oxford St, Sydney HATTON Terry x x           No
142 Paddington HAWKINS Michael x             No
143 Port Macquarie HAYESV John x             No
144 Brookvale HAYWARD Phil x             No
145 Hunter HETERICK Michael Nov-12             Yes
146 Central Coast HOLFTER Eric x             No
147 Central Coast HOLFTER Gordon x             No
148 Central Coast HOLFTER Nadine x             No
149 Bondi Junction HOLMES Clement x             Yes
150 Central Coast HUGHES Steven x             No
151 Kempsey HUSTLER Ron x             Yes
152 Brookvale HUTTON Shayne x             No
153 Paddington HYAMS Michael x             No
154 Ballarat IBBOTSON Alex x             No
155 Ballarat IBBOTSON Jason x             No
156 Bondi Junction INCE Arif x             No
157 Byron Bay JAMES Vanessa x             Yes
158 Glebe JANISZEWSKI Paul x x           Yes
159 Brisbane JEBOULT Camille x             No
160 Port Macquarie JOHNSON David x             No
161 Central Coast KAIN Rhys x             No
162 Oxford St, Sydney KANG Jae Uk x x           No
163 Central Coast KASTELAN Chris x             Yes
164 Byron Bay KERRIGAN Lisa x             No
165 Oxford St, Sydney KIM Joseph Sung Duk x x x x       No
166 Oxford St, Sydney KIM Matthew Sung Su x x x x x >>>>   No
167 Oxford St, Sydney KIM Peter Sung Do x x x x x >>>>   No
168 Pittwater KJAER Kristine Nov-12             Yes
169 Byron Bay KNIGHT Thomas x             Yes
170 Central Coast KNUDSEN Erik x             No
171 Adelaide KOROTKOV Vladimir x             No
172 Sutherland LAMBRECHTS Alex x             No
173 Central Coast LAMM Graham x             No
174 Central Coast LANGLEY Mitchell x             No
175 Central Coast LANGLEY Nathan x             No
176 Central Coast LANGLEY Philip x             No
177 Brookvale LEE Bryan x             No
178 Castle Hill LEE Kenneth x             Yes
179 Oxford St, Sydney LEE Sunny Sun-Il x x x         No
180 Port Macquarie LEWTHWAITE Thomas x Nov-11           Yes
181 Central Coast LITTLE Michael x Nov-12           Yes
182 Byron Bay LOBB Justine x             Yes
183 Brookvale LUM Leonie x             No
184 Central Coast MACLURE Ric x x           No
185 Brookvale MANSFIELD Gavin x Oct-09           Yes
186 Oxford St, Sydney MARIE Daniel Jun-84 Sep-86 Oct-92 Sep-97 Apr-07  Dec-16   Yes
187 Byron Bay MARIE Shirsha x x x x       No
188 Central Coast MARKS Stephanie x             No
189 Central Coast MARKS Stephen x             Yes
190 Lismore MARLIN Richard x x           No
191 Melbourne MARTIN Debbie x             No
192 Brookvale MATEO Rachelle x             Yes
193 Port Macquarie MAXWELL Chris x             Yes
194 Brisbane MAYNARD Neale x             No
195 Hunter McCORMACK Connor Nov-12             Yes
196 Norfolk Island McCOY Harvey x             Yes
197 Brookvale McDONALD Keith x             No
198 Castle Hill McDONALD Marc x x x x       Yes
199 Central Coast McGILVRAY Peter x             Yes
200 Kempsey McGILVRAY Peter x             No
201 Central Coast MCINTOSH Patrick x             No
202 North Sydney MCINTOSH Patrick x             No
203 Oxford St, Sydney McMORROW Lindsey x x           No
204 Sutherland MERCIECA Adam x Oct-09           Yes
205 Bondi Junction MESITI Miguel Oct-09             Yes
206 Lismore MIDDLETON David x x x         No
207 Sutherland MIDDLETON Todd x             Yes
208 Sutherland MIDDLETON Trent x             Yes
209 Brookvale MITCHELL Ramon x x Nov-12         Yes
210 Hunter MOEKAA Tupuna x x x x       Yes
211 Central Coast MOHAMED Husam x             No
212 Sutherland MOORE Matthew x             No
213 Sutherland MORGAN Sam x x           Yes
214 Glebe MULAY Sunil Nov-11             Yes
215 Glebe MUNIANDY Ganapathy Nov-11             Yes
216 Sutherland NASSER Bill x             No
217 Oxford St, Sydney NEILSON Camille x             No
218 Oxford St, Sydney NEWTON Josie x             Yes
219 Oxford St, Sydney NGUYEN Jeff (Wing) x x           No
220 Sutherland NIXON Anthony Oct-09             Yes
221 Castle Hill OBRIEN Bruce x             Yes
222 Byron Bay O’CARROLL Helen x             Yes
223 Campbelltown O’CONNOR Shaun x             No
224 Oxford St, Sydney OLIVERV Gerard x             No
225 North Sydney O’SYSTERMANS Sabria x             No
226 Campbelltown PACE Charles x             No
227 Brookvale PARKER Damon x             No
228 Sutherland PARKIN Jim Oct-09             Yes
229 Central Coast PATTERSON Matthew x             No
230 Port Macquarie PAYTEN Jamie x             Yes
231 Campbelltown PERCIVAL Steve x             No
232 Brookvale PERCIVAL Stuart x             No
233 Paddington PETTIFORD Mark x             No
234 Melbourne POWELL Michael x             No
235 Bexley PRASOULAS Con x             No
236 Pittwater PRESCOTT Rob x             Yes
237 Sutherland PRICE Janine x             Yes
238 Sutherland PRICE Troy Oct-09             Yes
239 Kempsey PRIESTLY Gerry x             Yes
240 Central Coast QUIGLEY Roy x             Yes
241 Brookvale RAYMOND Lachlan x             No
242 Central Coast REES Melissa x x           Yes
243 Central Coast REES Ron x x x x Nov-12     Yes
244 Lismore RESTALL Barrie x x x x       No
245 Lismore RESTALL Hennie x             No
246 Sutherland RHODES Gregory x             Yes
247 Castle Hill RICKENS Adam x             Yes
248 Darwin RILEY Wayne x             No
249 Brookvale ROWE Jason x             No
250 Oxford St, Sydney SALSICCIA Dominic x x x x       Yes
251 Oxford St, Sydney SALSICCIA Marie x x           Yes
252 Brisbane SANDERSON Mark x             No
253 Castle Hill SANTOS Bryan x             Yes
254 Kempsey SAWYER Chris x             No
255 Kempsey SAWYER Matt x             No
256 Bondi Junction SCHINDELER Aaron x             No
257 Campbelltown SCOTT Michael x             No
258 Brookvale SCOTT Stuart x             No
259 Central Coast SEARLE Joshua x             No
260 Ballarat SEARLS Allan x             No
261 Sutherland SEETO Craig x             No
262 Sutherland SEETO Ian x             No
263 Sutherland SEETO Ron x             No
264 Brookvale SELDON Michael x             No
265 Sutherland Sellers Jason Nov-12             Yes
266 Castle Hill SESE Samantha x  x           Yes
267 Oxford St, Sydney SHEERAN Sue x             No
268 Glebe SHIFFER Lutz Oct-09             Yes
269 Hunter SIMM Brett Nov-11             Yes
270 Brookvale SLADDEN Michael x             No
271 Oxford St, Sydney SMITH David x x           No
272 Brisbane SMITH Kim x             No
273 Byron Bay SPRECKLEY Dominic x x x Nov-12       Yes
274 Port Macquarie SPRINGALL Jamie x             No
275 Castle Hill STATHER Dean x             No
276 Port Macquarie STEWART Clive x             No
277 Adelaide STROTHER Katie x             No
278 Central Coast SUTTON Anne x             No
279 Brookvale TAMANINI Steve x x x x Nov-12     Yes
280 Lismore TAYLOR Jarrod x             No
281 Glebe THOMAS Craig x             Yes
282 Oxford St, Sydney TINEY Kathryn x             No
283 Port Macquarie TOMBS Marc x             No
284 Brookvale TOMLIN Dylan x             Yes
285 Brookvale TOWE Eric x             Yes
286 Brookvale TRUDGETT Glenn x             Yes
287 Brookvale TUINMAN Adam x             No
288 Sutherland TURNER Danny x x x         Yes
289 Murwillumbah TURNER Terry x Nov-12           Yes
290 Parkleigh VERONESI Sue x             No
291 Wollongong WALKER Mark x             No
292 Darwin WALKER Shanie x             No
293 Oxford St, Sydney WALLACH Phil x             No
294 Brookvale WARD Brad x             No
295 Byron Bay WARD Darcy x             No
296 Oxford St, Sydney WATT Peter x x           No
297 Port Macquarie WATT Tracy x             No
298 Brookvale WENKART David x             No
299 Sutherland WETHERELL Mitchell x x x x Nov-12     Yes
300 Sutherland WETHERELLV Scott x x x x x     No
301 Central Coast WHITE Mary x Nov-11           No
302 North Sydney WILLIAMS Kevin x             No
303 Brookvale WILLS Julian x             No
304 Sutherland WINKELMEIER Steven x             Yes
305 Byron Bay WYLIE Michael Nov-11             Yes

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