KIDO Hapkido Workshop in Bendigo – 23-26 June 2018

Grandmaster Julian Lim from Malaysia and Master Nigel May from Australia are running a workshop in HoSinSul (Korean Applied Self Defense) and HapKiDo.
Open to all Martial Arts practitioners.

These sessions are designed to assist in globally bench marking both HoSinSul and HapKiDo Skills and Knowledge for Instructors against 2 of the leading martial art authorities in Korea. These institutions are:

  • International HoSinSul Federation (IHF)
  • Korea KiDo (Hapkido) Association (KIDO)

NOTE: This is not an AHA event.

Eligible practitioners that pass the appropriate assessments for skills and knowledge will be able to apply directly to either or both the IHF and the KiDo for the following: 

  • Instructor (SaBumNim) Qualification
  • Assistant Instructor (BuSaBumNim) Qualification
  • Dan rank
The total workshop runs for 4 consecutive days that includes physical and lecture sessions. Each day lasts for 7 hours.
  • HoSinSul (Applied Self Defense) stand alone module is for 2 days. – 23th – 24th JUNE 2018
  • HapKiDo stand alone module is also for 2 days. – 25th – 26th JUNE 2018
  • However those seeking Qualification assessment in HapKiDo MUST take all days. – 23th- 26th JUNE 2018

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