News from the North – Sat 9 Dec 2017 – Best Grading Ever at Stokers Siding Hapkido Dojang!

Submitted by Phil Eizenberg – Instructor at Stokers Siding – Northern NSW

It was congratulations all round to 32 members of the Northern Rivers Australian Hapkido Association who at 9:30 AM on that day started their grading procedures watched over by Master Steve Tamanini from Sydney and instructors from Stokers Siding, Mullumbimby, Byron Bay and Murwillumbah.

It was the first for some time that students from White Belt to Black Tip had gathered in one Dojang for an annual end of year event.

To quote Master Steve Tamanini, “it was the best grading I have ever seen”. Some call from such an experienced martial artist.

The black belt candidates, Arna Baartz and Grace Finardi displayed outstanding performances for their successful completion of the black belt grading. Two women of exceptional skill and fortitude to join the growing ranks of black belts in the Australian Hapkido Association.

Daniel Potts, also successful in achieving his black tip, was another candidate who was pushed to the limits of his physical and mental barriers.

In the 100 year Stokers Siding – Dunbible Memorial Hall, the AHA curriculum was unfolded for all to see. It’s not often that this occurs.

4th dan instructors Phil Eizenberg, Tup Moekaa, Dom Spreckley, and recently graded to 4th dan Eli Dutton, along with 2nd dans Helen O’Carrol and Martha Turner, with Craig Elliot from Newcastle, assisted Master Steve Taminini in the grading process.

Hapkido on display was the order of the day and the standard of all the students was as good as it ever gets. Talented martial artists in the making. All training for a peaceful world and the good of society.

Master Steve Tamanini gave a seminar the following day, Sunday the 10th at the Stokers Dojang which was enthusiastically received by all those who attended.

What a great weekend. Seasons greetings to you all from all of us in the North.

Phil Eizenberg

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