2017 Scott Wetherell Award goes to Tupuna Moekaa

To honour the life and memory of Master Scott Wetherell a special award was created in 2009. This award is called “Keeping the path and continuing the Journey” and is a tribute to what was important to Scott and is awarded each year to a black belt who has been loyal to Hapkido, has applied themselves diligently to their study and practice of Hapkido and who has given something to the ongoing development and growth of Hapkido.

On Saturday 25 Nov 2017 the award of this trophy was conducted by Master Mitchell Wetherell and was awarded to a most deserving recipient, Tupuna Moekaa.

Tup has contributed much to the association and is also an inspirational and dedicated instructor and practitioner. Tup started his Hapkido journey in the Central Coast Dojang and spent many years teaching in the Lake Munmorah Dojang. Currently Tup lives in Northern NSW and makes regular appearances at Mullumbimbi, Murwillumbah and Byron Bay. Tup has developed a lot of his own personal skills and knowledge – particularly in the areas of knife, sparring and grappling. Tup is an awesome Hapkido artist and we look forward to the heights he can take Hapkido to in the future.

Thankyou Tup for the high standard you have set for you and your students, and for the training we have shared with you. We look forward to much more in the future. 


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