Master Wetherell visits Byron Bay – special report

We had another fantastic weekend of training up north.

It was great to have Sam Morgan along helping students and instructors with his extensive sparring and self defence knowledge. Also this year Superman Chris Currey was able to train and assist with the seminars.

It was a busy schedule for the weekend, the focus was working simple sparring and movement drills for students coupled with practical self defence. It was great to see the enthusiasm of everyone who attended and the quality of Hapkido is a credit to all the instructors.

I had the opportunity to put the instructors through their paces and they didn’t disappoint.

A big thank you to Eli and Amy for looking after myself and Sam and Helen for putting up with Chris!

Train hard and hope to see you all again next year …..

Master Mitch Wetherell


Click on the links below to see great video of some highlights of what Master Wetherell taught.

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