New series of Sydney Black Belt Classes starting from June 2017

Dear Black Belts (and Black Tips)

Master Brown has a very full schedule for 2017 and has asked the 5th and 6th Degrees to step up and take the black  belt classes.

There will be 6 black belt classes for the remainder of 2017. If attendance is good the format will continue for 2018.

The instructors will be Master Geister, Master Marie, Master Rees, Master Wetherell, Master Ansley and who knows, maybe even Master Tamanini.

All Sydney Black Belt Classes will be at the Brookvale Dojang from 8:30am to 10:30am and cost $20. Don’t forget your drink bottle – you will need it!

Don’t just wear a black belt – BE a black belt. Put these dates in your calendar.

General class plan

  • 8:30 Warm-Up – Black Belt Readiness Assessment – go as far as you can go.
  • 8:45 Self Defence – Row > Multiple Grabbing > Grabbling
  • 9:15 Weapons – a different weapon each black belt class – see schedule below.
  • 9:45 Sparring – Light Contact – bring mouth guard, 16 Oz gloves, shin pads.
  • 10:15 Grappling
  • 10:25 Cool Down


  1. Sunday 25 June – sword (no sharp blades in class please).
  2. Sunday 30 July – pole
  3. Sunday 27 August – danbong
  4. Sunday 24 September – belt
  5. Sunday 22 October – walking cane
  6. Sunday 10 December – pole

Reminders will be texted to Black Belts – if you do not get them – txt a request to be added to 0411 612 904.

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