Hapkido Road Trip 2016 – it is on again!!

Once again, ou14494806_551803718363215_2397498203237028293_nr fabulous northern brothers in Hapkido, Tup and Eli, are getting into their Hapkidomobiles in Byron Bay and undertaking their annual Hapkido pilgrimage that culminates with the Black Belt Grading  in Sydney and a big party afterwards. Along the way they will experience many Hapkido adventures, visiting Hapkido clubs and beautiful training spots along the way, training and sharing their huge pool of knowledge.

Master Geister is going to join in on the way down for the last few days. Other Hapkido black belts from around Australia will be joining in at various parts of the road trip.

A aStay tuned for regular updates as the Hapkido Road Trip 2016 gets under way and rolls through a Hapkido Club near you!! All Hapkido students are invited to join in anywhere along the tour. Even if you don’t have a car – they will find a space for you! Just bring your uniform and a sleeping bag!

If anyone is interested in taking part – contact Tup (0416 848 630) or Eli (0404 489 781).


Monday 21/11/16 Kempsey

  • Eli and Tup travel from Byron Bay to Kempsey – train at Kempsey club that evening.
  • Stay with 2nd degree black belt Quinton Blackwell over night.

Tuesday 22/11/16 Port Macquarie

  • Morning training at Hat Head beach; breakfast; sight seeing around Hat Head / Crescent Head.
  • Make their way down to port Macquarie. Training at Port Macquarie club on Tuesday evening.
  • Black belt Craig Elliott attending Port part of journey with his daughter Blue-tip Neve Elliott.
  • Being hosted by 3rd degree black belt Mathias Beyer.

Wednesday 23/11/16 Tuggerah

  • Morning training in park in Port, breakfast then make their way down to Redhead, Newcastle.
  • Being hosted by 1st degree black belt Craig Elliott.
  • Master Geister, Craig Elliott and the Hapkido Angels Justine, Helen and Lisa meeting up with us at Master Ron’s club in Tuggerah.
  • Wednesday afternoon training from 4 pm at Tuggerah Dojang.
  • Master Geister staying overnight at Craig’s place. Hapkido Angels staying in Cams Wharf.

Thursday 24/11/16 Redhead

  • Morning training at Redhead beach; breakfast; sight seeing.
  • Training at Redhead in the evening from 6 pm onwards.
  • Hosted by Mick Collins and Crag Elliot.

Friday 25/11/16 Brookvale

  • Morning training at Redhead beach; breakfast; make their way to Sydney.
  • Friday evening, training with Master Geister at Brookvale Dojang.
  • All welcome to come and train (no matter your belt level) at any and or all the stops along the way.

Saturday 26/11/16 Grading and Party

  • Relax prior to senior black belt grading.
  • Relax after the grading at the end of year party and Dee Why RSL.
  • Come and support / experience the journey of those going for their next level.
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