Video from Hapkido Sparring Session – Bexley – Nov 2016

Giant Martial Arts and students from the Sutherland and Glebe AHA dojangs met at Bexley last Saturday 5 Nov for a 2 hour sparring session.

The format was light cooperative sparring to improve our distance and timing while trying to keep it real. The bouts consisted of 3 two minute rounds with the same partner and then we rotated. This simple format was followed for most of the two hours, with a partner stretching round in the middle. At the end we all sat around and talked about what we thought we needed to improve and what had worked well.

Most of all though, everyone was very friendly and respectful and we had no serious injuries. The video below was taken from a camera just sitting in the corner.

Thanks to Anthony and Giorgio Repice from Giant Martial Arts for hosting this session at their fantastic Hapkido gym in Bexley.

Next session will be end of Jan 2017.

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