Hapkido in Vanuatu – report from Arna Baartz

Yesterday I met Rex the instructor at Vanuatu Hapkido 


It was great to play and train and simply be in the company of such a beautiful, humble soul. They have been training primarily ground grappling but were really excited to see and train the white belt release techniques, it was wonderful to watch!
Although yesterday there was only the smiling, appreciative Max and Michel at class Rex has approx 17 students. They have been training for about a year on the Korman sports ground just outside Port Vila,  as they haven’t yet sourced a permanent sheltered venue.
Rex’s earned his blackbelt in Fiji, from his master who had been invited from korea to train Fijian troups. 
He asked us to send his regards to the Hapkido family in Australia and said we all were welcome to train here any time.  I will definitely be back! I have attached some photos if you would like to see/share on the website. 
Lots of love 
Arna – northern NSW Hapkido 
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