AHA Student Handbook – Sixth Edition is now available

Many, many yeaHandbookCoverrs ago we used to issue a Student Handbook when students joined – some of you may even remember the blue and before that, the black handbooks!!

Well despite the advent of modern on-line platforms like Facebook and Youtube, we have received many requests from students wanting to actually have a document they can read. Hapkido has a rich history, many concepts and principles that are quite involved and cannot be conveyed in a quick 2 minute video or in Twitter window.

The Student Handbook has also been updated to reflect where we are now and to explain to students how we got here.

Some clubs will also have a club-specific version of this handbook which will include local information and history. Ask your instructor.

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The AHA Student Handbook available here is a generic version. Here is a summary of the contents:

  • Introduction to Hapkido
  • Choosing a martial art
  • Comparison of Hapkido to other martial arts
  • What does “Hapkido” mean?
  • Philosophy of Hapkido
  • Techniques of Hapkido
  • Goals of Hapkido training
  • Training Attitude
  • Membership Oath
  • Danjun Exercises
  • Method of Danjun
  • Elements of Risk
  • Etiquette
  • Explanation of Belt Rankings
  • Glossary of Korean Terms
  • Summary of what you will learn
  • History of Hapkido
  • Founders of modern Hapkido
  • History of Hapkido in Australia
  • Connections to Korea[/mantra-column]  [/mantra-multi]

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Click below to download the AHA Student Handbook (in PDF format) – enjoy.

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NOTE: We have now enabled printing on this publicly available PDF file.

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