Arna Baartz drops in on Paris Hapkido

photo 3Recently Arna Baartz visited Paris Hapkido (in Paris, France) and found a a wonderful dojang, really big and bright and great mats, which was lucky since she spent a lot of time being thrown around on them!

They don’t do ANY patterns at all, they were interested to see a pattern from Arna so she chose her best (most current at the time) red belt pattern to perform.

During her visit Arna studied mostly outer wrist locks on the night she was there, and she was reminded again of the importance of circles, large and small. There was emphasis on getting nice and close to employ the wrist lock..ouch.

photo 1

Eric is the name of the instructor and although there was a language barrier with words, everything else translated beautifully 🙂

Arna took some AHA key rings donated by the AHA and it definitely broke the ice and created a firmer bridge between the our clubs.

They were surprised and delighted that we would think to bring presents. They welcome us back to train anytime and many of the students expressed interest in visiting if they ever came to Australia.

photo 2Here is their facebook page:

And their web site:

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