Video of Hapkido in Nepal

Annette Marie is Hapkido in Nepal 2over in Nepal during September to teach women at-risk in Kathmandu self-defence classes, women’s health classes and Chilean doll making classes. Last week Annette completed the first round of self defence classes over 5 days – 2hours per day.

These women have all been victims of violence and have never been shown how to defend themselves. They were very interested in the techniques and knowledge taught to them by Annette.

Hapkido in Nepal 1Annette is a student of Matthew Kim Sung Su and learnt Hapkido in the City Gym back in th 80’s and 90’s. What Annette taught was based on Hapkido, and focussed on techniques a women would have a chance of doing against a stronger attacker. Common attacks covered in the course were wrist grabs (maybe not common for men – but certainly something women may be faced with), chokes, hair grabs, bear hugs, ground attacks.

The use of multiple grabbing really helped the women gain confidence in facing an attacker and having the solve the problem by whatever means possible.

The girls were fantastic students and learnt everything so quickly. They normally only had to be shown a technique one or two times and could then repeat it, even the cat roll! They did not have much equipment so they often had to make do with cushions or balls for target practice. As you can see in the video – the girls became very good very quickly.

Emma and Josh helped Annette to deliver the course and having a strong attacker certainly challenged the women at first, but once they understood the techniques and could see how to apply them. The women all showed they were capable of defending themselves.

All the women greatly improved their confidence and felt empowered with the new knowledge they now have. Well done to Annette, Emma and Josh and well done to the women for being such good students during the 5 days.

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