Special groundwork workshop at Redhead Dojang – report from Craig Reay

This report was provided by Craig Reay on behalf of the Redhead Dojang Instructor – Mick Collins.

8Recently at our dojang in Redhead (near Newcastle), we ran a series of three groundwork seminars. These seminars were run by Jessica Malone and her father and former trainer Reg Malone. Both of our guest instructors are black belts in judo and Jessica is a former Olympian.  

7For our seminars to be a success, Jess and I worked together on a goal of what we hoped to achieve at the end of our training together. It was decided that our club had a reasonable amount of knowledge in how to transition to the ground but lacked somewhat in our skills for how to deal and defend ourselves if we are the ones being taken to the ground. So our goal was to build a base knowledge of groundwork, which we may be able to work our Hapkido into.

6To do this Jess came to a couple of our Hapkido classes and watched. We also went through our syllabus together to see how our techniques translate to the ground. Jess and I spent about three months working on how we would go about building our base for groundwork.

   Our first seminar was all about pins and how to escape from them or reverse them. For this to we all learned four pins from Judo. The ones selected were the four most common seen in MMA and wrestling as we decided these were the most likely to be used in a groundwork situation. From these pins we then learned a series of escapes. Most of the which we found involve bridging up and/ shrimping out of the pin.

10Our second seminar was spent doing a quick review of the first one for those who had missed out. We then moved onto how to turnover an opponent who is in the turtle position or prone position. We decided to put these techniques in so that we would have a better understanding of how to control a fight on the ground and to be able to then apply locks or arresting techniques . 

5Our last seminar was spent on revision or what we had learned for the half of the class. The second half of the class was spent on free sparring on the ground. We were also given the chance to try to adapt parts of what we had learned to suit our self defence.

Everyone involved had a great time and the seniors in the class have been very grateful for the assistance in their defence against pins and chokes.

4Thanks also to Mick Collins the head instructor of our club without whom we would not have been able to have had these seminars.

9Kind regards – Craig Reay – Hapkido student at Redhead Dojang.


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