Self Defence Demonstration at BFit Caringbah by Liz, Trish and Sam from Sutherland

Liz Brown was asked by BFit at Caringbah to perform a self defence demonstration to promote Women’s Self Defence.

Liz Brown and Trish Butterworth will be conducting 3 week courses at the Gym in the upcoming weeks. On the 25th June 2013 Liz, Trish and Sam Morgan performed a 5 minute demonstration promoting Women’s Self Defence and obviously Hapkido.

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Trish responded to hair grabs, wrist and bear hugs with her walking cane techniques (only 6 months post hip replacement surgery) and Liz went through danbon as well as the yellow tip, green tip and blue tip self defence drills. Sam was kind enough to be our attacker.

The crowd in the gym were impressed by the ease with which we could throw Sam around and were left speechless at the dynamic and effective nature of Hapkido. The demonstration was followed by many questions and keen interest in women’s self defence.

Please look out for updates on when these classes will commence.

Liz Brown – Sutherland Hapkido

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