Feedback from the recent Byron Bay Instructor Course

This message was received yesterday – well done Master Geister!!

This is just a thank you to the Australian Hapkido Association and Master Matt Geister for the great class structure that was put together in relation to the Instructors Course in Byron Bay on 04-05/05/13.

The fact that Master Geister was able to teach the colour belt syllabus and then incorporate the black belt syllabus into the weekend was awesome. I know that I enjoyed it very much and took a lot out of the weekend.

For me, it demonstrated that I’m not far off the mark when I’m teaching/instructing Hapkido, if anything; the weekend displayed the technical ability that everyone is striving for in Hapkido, with Master Geister epitomising this in his teaching/instruction..

A special mention goes to Justine Lobb (for the “behind the scenes” work that she does in ensuring that the weekend went off without a “glitch”), Eli Dutton (for allowing the weekend to be held in his “awesome” dojang).

To the many senior black belts and black-tips who attended the weekend and who also provided positive feedback on the weekend’s program/structure, the weekend was made possible because of your commitment and dedication to the Association and to the art of Hapkido.

It is hoped that future Instructor Courses will incorporate the 1st to 4th Degree syllabus.

Again, thank you to Master Geister and to the organisers of the weekend.

Yours in Hapkido

Tup Moekaa

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