Sydney Black Belt Grading – Saturday 21 Nov 2015 at Pittwater Dojang

Sydney Black Belt Grading – Saturday 21 Nov 2015 at Pittwater Dojang

The annual black belt grading was held on the Sat 21 Nov 2015. Congratulations to all those who graded.

Here are the results:


  • Lee McDonald – Pittwater
  • Mikael Svanstrom – Pittwater
  • Silvia Cupik – Glebe
  • Peter Buckworth – Central Coast
  • Adam Stayfer – Melbourne
  • Paul Maxwell – Melbourne


  • Michael Heterick – Redhead
  • Jason Sellers – Sutherland


  • Michael Sladden – Northern Beaches


  • Master John Ansley – Pittwater

Long awaited grading for Ryan at Sutherland Hapkido

Ryan Tarran started training at Sutherland Hapkido under Master Scott Wetherell 23 years ago. He now trains under Master Mitchell Wetherell and had been a red belt for close to 20 years! In Oct 2015 the stars lined up and Ryan finally had his very own black belt grading.

Due to Ryan’s busy work schedule this was his only opportunity to prevent another year from going by wearing his red belt! He passed! Congratulations to Ryan, his instructor Master Mitchell Wetherell and all his training partners who helped Ryan prepare and put him through his paces on the day.

New Readiness Assessment checklist for Black Belts

New Readiness Assessment checklist for Black Belts

DSC_0169Are you thinking of going for your next Black Belt grading this year – or maybe next year?

Not sure if you are ready?

Want a structured aproach for working out where you need to work harder and to make sure that on your grading you are the best you can be?

Well the 5th degree masters of the AHA and Master Brown have put all their knowledge and experience together and produced a Black Belt Readiness Assessment checklist. … Continue reading

Kids Hapkido Grading at Stanwell Park

On Thursday 27th March we had a successful & exciting KIDS Grading at Coalcliff  Community hall. 13 students graded to various levels ranging from 1st timers going for Yellow-Tip up to Blue belt. We had 2 successful board breaks, 1 with Stepping Side kick & the other with a Turning Back kick.

Results are:


  • Ben Agnew
  • Owen Pederson
  • Marley Scott
  • Max Pedemont
  • Zach Pedemont


  • Oliver Hausner
  • Eamonn Gardner
  • Jayden Harris


  • Matty Brown
  • Callan Scott


  • Sam Horton


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Glebe Grading Results – 26 Nov 13

The following students successfully graded on 26 Nov 2013 at Glebe Public School.

  • Shyamala Jayagopal – Yellow Belt
  • Andrew Hedges – Green Belt
  • Michael Clulee – Green Belt
  • Andrew Rumble – Red Tip
  • Ben Janiszweski- Red Tip
  • Silvia Cupik – Red Belt

Thanks to Master Brown braving the city traffic once again to examine our progress and Congratulations to all who graded successfully.  Certificates will be distributed once we are back from our break. 

Thanks, Gana

Results and Photos from Glebe Grading – 24 April 2013

Here are the results from the recent grading held at the Glebe Dojang on the 24 April 2013. The grading was undertaken by Master Kevin Brown and Dominic Salsiccia. The instructor at Glebe is Adrian Gana assisted by Paul Janiscewski.

[mantra-multi] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]

Yellow Tip

  • James Khanh Vu
  • Shyamala Jayagopal

Yellow Belt

  • Eugene Harrison

[/mantra-column] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]

Blue Belt

  • Ben Janiszweski
  • Dmitry Tanianski

Red Tip

  • Silvia Cupik

[/mantra-column] [/mantra-multi]

Cick here to see all the photos

Who is going for their next degree in 2013? – it’s a team effort!!

The following people have registered their intention to attempt to grade for their next Black Belt Degree in 2013. The journey of a black belt can be quite lonely and there is a long way between goals. So if one of these people is in your club then why not take an interest in their progress, Ask them how they are preparing, maybe even offer your time and encouragement to help them prepare.

It takes the whole club to make a good black belt – not just the instructor and the student – so don’t just sit back and watch – be … Continue reading