Northern NSW Hapkido Grading – report from Master Steve Tamanini

Last weekend I had the pleasure of overseeing the Regional grading on Saturday and run a seminar on Sunday, which was held at Stokers Siding, for the Northern NSW clubs.

It was a big grading of 32 students covering every belt from White to Black tip.

I have to congratulate all the instructors / black belts ( that assisted ) at their respective clubs, you are doing a great job which showed through your students who attended.

What an amazing grading, from the first the first minute when Tup was letting the students know how the grading was going to … Continue reading

AHA Competed in AMAC Newcastle – amazing results

Four Competitors from the Central Coast Hapkido Club attended a AMAC tournament in Newcastle today. Congratulations to Master Ron Rees and the Central Coast Hapkido Dojang.

Muurruun Leha :

  • 2nd Patterns, 
  • 3rd Point score sparring, 
  • 1st Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 1st Contact Pont Sparring, 
  • 1st Freestyle Contact Sparring

Stephanie Biviano : 

  • 1st Traditional Weapons Patterns, 
  • 2nd Demonstration, 
  • 3rd Point Score Sparring, 

Shane Cutland : 

  • 4th Point Score Sparring, 
  • 4 Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 3rd Demonstration, 
  • 3rd Weapons patterns

Charlie Olivieri : 

  • 4th Patterns, 
  • 2nd Freestyle Sparring, 
  • 3rd Pont Sparring, 
  • 2nd Sword Combat.

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Results from the 2016 AHA Hapkido Tournament

Here are the results!!


Club champions




No of Entrants

Average points per entrant







Northern Beaches





Central Coast





Stanwell Park




















Black belt of the Tournament

  • Chris Currey  26pts – Stanwell Park
  • {2nd Shane Cutland  19pts – Central Coast}
  • {3rd Kristine Kjaer  17pts … Continue reading

Hapkido on TV – Mel Thomas – Kyup Project – one amazing step towards ending domestic violence

Here is a heartwarming and inspirational story about Mel Thomas one of our AHA Blackbelts. She runs a Program named the Kyup Project aimed at exposing and helping stamp out Domestic Violence.

Mel has taken the lessons of Hapkido and her own life experience to truly improve the lives of so many girls and women. What are you doing with your Hapkido knowledge and skills to make the world a better place?

Mel started training Hapkido some 20 years ago with Greg Blandy and Dominic Salissicia in Glebe, then in Bondi. After a … Continue reading

Photos from recent seminar at Sutherland with Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim – AHA Founder

A fabulous treat for the AHA students to have our founder, Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim conduct a wonderful seminar. His wealth of knowledge and explanation of techniques were greatly appreciated by all who attended.

New video to help promote our Hapkido

Master Kevin Brown has completed a huge project to develop a promotional video to explain to the world what our Hapkido is about. It is a fantastic video that may look simple but has been several years in the making. Thanks also to Sam Dunworth (budding film maker) and the instructors and students who helped with the video for all the time and effort to produce this video.

Take a look – you will probably see yourself somewhere in the video. Share it with your friends and family so they know why you are away a couple of times a … Continue reading

Arna Baartz drops in on Paris Hapkido

photo 3Recently Arna Baartz visited Paris Hapkido (in Paris, France) and found a a wonderful dojang, really big and bright and great mats, which was lucky since she spent a lot of time being thrown around on them!

They don’t do ANY patterns at all, they were interested to see a pattern from Arna so she chose her best (most current at the time) red belt pattern to perform.

During her visit Arna studied mostly outer wrist locks on the night … Continue reading

Interview series by Scott Wetherell – Part 5 – Master Kevin Brown

Part five of a series of interviews recorded by Scott Wetherell as part of a project he was undertaking to document the Australian Hapkido Association, its history and what it meant to him. This is 31 minutes selected from a 60 minute interview.

The interview was recorded around 2006. Master Kevin Brown shares his story – why he started, how he trained and what he considers important for all Hapkido students.

Sadly Scott passed away before he finished, but here is the one of those interviews.

Interview series by Scott Wetherell – Part 4 – Karl Bascomb

Part four of a series of interviews recorded by Scott Wetherell as part of a project he was undertaking to document the Australian Hapkido Association, its history and what it meant to him. This is 32 minutes selected from a 45 minute interview.

The interview was recorded around 2006. Karl Bascomb tells a great story of what it was like to train in Oxford St in the early days with the Kim brothers and tell many personal stories of his time with Matthew Sung Su Kim.

Sadly Scott passed away before he finished, but here is the one of those … Continue reading

Interview series by Scott Wetherell – Part 2 – Master Matt Geister

Part two of a series of interviews recorded by Scott Wetherell as part of a project he was undertaking to document the Australian Hapkido Association, its history and what it meant to him. This is the first 30 minutes of a 90 minute interview. The camera man is Dean Stather. The interview was recorded around 2006. Master Geister shares a lot of his experience and wisdom in this interview – an inspiration for all students of Hapkido.

Sadly Scott passed away before he finished, but here is the one of those interviews – more to follow.

Video of Hapkido in Nepal

Annette Marie is Hapkido in Nepal 2over in Nepal during September to teach women at-risk in Kathmandu self-defence classes, women’s health classes and Chilean doll making classes. Last week Annette completed the first round of self defence classes over 5 days – 2hours per day.

These women have all been victims of violence and have never been shown how to defend themselves. They were very interested in the techniques and knowledge taught to them by Annette.

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Special groundwork workshop at Redhead Dojang – report from Craig Reay

This report was provided by Craig Reay on behalf of the Redhead Dojang Instructor – Mick Collins.

8Recently at our dojang in Redhead (near Newcastle), we ran a series of three groundwork seminars. These seminars were run by Jessica Malone and her father and former trainer Reg Malone. Both of our guest instructors are black belts in judo and Jessica is a former Olympian.  

7For our seminars to be a success, Jess … Continue reading

Self Defence Demonstration at BFit Caringbah by Liz, Trish and Sam from Sutherland

Liz Brown was asked by BFit at Caringbah to perform a self defence demonstration to promote Women’s Self Defence.

Liz Brown and Trish Butterworth will be conducting 3 week courses at the Gym in the upcoming weeks. On the 25th June 2013 Liz, Trish and Sam Morgan performed a 5 minute demonstration promoting Women’s Self Defence and obviously Hapkido.

Click here to see the photos

Trish responded to hair grabs, wrist and bear hugs with her walking cane techniques (only 6 months post hip replacement surgery) and Liz went through danbon as well as the yellow … Continue reading

Chris "Norris" pays a surprise visit to Sutherland Dojang

Chris NorrisChris “Norris” a famous martial arts celebrity dropped in to train with Mitchell Wetherell and the students of the Sutherland Hapkido dojang.

Chris Norris is famous his tough guy roles that he has played in many movies and even went up against Bruce Lee in one of his movies.

Chris Norris is a regular visitor to the Sutherland Hapkido Dojang so hopefully we will see more Hapkido moves in his movies – keep an eye out for them.

Thanks to … Continue reading

News from Hornsby Heights Dojang

IMG_2049David Beneke sent in this photo from a recent class at Hornsby Heights. As David said “We had a very unusual class tonight – more girls than boys – never seen it in 20 year of hapkido training!!”

Hornsby Heights is going well and providing a great service to the Hornsby Heights community. They train Wednesday nights – all are welcome to drop in for a class – check the Club Directory for times and location.

Spring Intensive Hapido Seminar – Byron Bay 22-23 Sep 2012

Dear Hapkido enthusiasts Australia-wide,

The next AHA Spring camp is being replaced with a 2 day seminar to be held on the 22nd and 23rd September 2012 at Byron Bays Dojang NSW

ALL STUDENTS FROM THE AHA ARE INVITED and we extend a warm invitation to our new club members from Nabiac and Port Macquarie Hapkido.

All are encouraged to attend both days.

The 2 day seminar will be a great mix of training and fun that will allow you to make a huge leap in your understanding of Hapkido and at the same time meet other like-minded martial artists.

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