New batch of Instructors – Central Coast – Sunday 21 July 2013

On Sunday 21 July 2013 at the Tuggerah Hapkido Dojang, the following AHA students attended the Instructor Course and received this Instructor Certification – valid for 3 years:

  • Daniel Marie
  • Brett Davies
  • Brett Simm
  • Melissa Rees
  • Mick Collins
  • Craig Reay
  • Shane Cutland
  • Kelly Feetam
  • Michael Little
  • Aaron Wark
  • Mary White
  • Simon Callaghan
  • Raymond Cotterell
  • Rob Prescott
  • Gavin Mansfield
  • Pete Fam

Thanks also to Master Ron Rees for hosting the course and assisting throughout the course.

2013 Instructor Course in Sydney – 21 fresh instructors

2013 Instructor Course in Sydney – 21 fresh instructors

We now have 21 freshly accredited instructors – some for the first time. The instructor course was held today in Sydney and went from 9am to 5pm.

The course covered the syllabus from white belt to black tip with a focus on understanding Hapkido principles and being aware of how to teach our Hapkido techniques in a safe manner.

Many of the instructors shared their extensive knowledge with the class and we saw many new and innovative ways of teaching Hapkido.

Thanks to the Martial Arts College of Australia in Croydon for allowing us to use their beautiful dojang for … Continue reading

Feedback from the recent Byron Bay Instructor Course

This message was received yesterday – well done Master Geister!!

This is just a thank you to the Australian Hapkido Association and Master Matt Geister for the great class structure that was put together in relation to the Instructors Course in Byron Bay on 04-05/05/13.

The fact that Master Geister was able to teach the colour belt syllabus and then incorporate the black belt syllabus into the weekend was awesome. I know that I enjoyed it … Continue reading