A Night to Remember

Saturday the 2nd of November 2013 will go down as an important date in the history of the Australian Hapkido Association. After a grading that saw many graders tested to their limit, the annual award night saw an event that brought many old Hapkido practitioners out of retirement to witness Master Kevin Brown awarded his 7th Dan and Grandmaster Matthew Kim awarded his 8th Dan.

These promotions recognise the roles, past and present, these leaders have and do play in the development of our Art in Australia. They also demonstrate the growth and potential of the Hapkido Association which continues … Continue reading

New Video released for Sparring Drills – Level 1

Master Wetherell and Sam Morgan from the Sutherland Dojang have released a fantastic video showing the first basic series of drills designed to improve your sparring skills in Hapkido.These drills are easy to do and will help you develop your posture, core stability, mobility, defence and attack positions without fear of being hurt or injured.

Black belts have been practicing these drills in the black belt classes with Master Wetherell so do not hesitate to ask your instructors to show you these drills, explain them to you in more detail and help you practice them during your next Hapkido class.

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Weekly Black Belt Classes with Master Brown now available at Pittwater Dojang

At Pittwater Dojang, the adult classes are now on Monday and Thursday evenings 7pm and also the Saturday morning 9am. The children classes remain unchanged.

There is also a Black Belt class on Tuesday nights 7pm – bring your weapons and your enthusiasm.

Master Kevin Brown


Grading Results – Stanwell Park – 15 Aug 2013

Master Kevin Brown visited Stanwell Park Dojang, Wollongong on 15th August for a belt grading. The results are:


Yellow Tip

  • Eamonn Gardner
  • Jayden Harris
  • Elliott Shaw
  • Aiden Bywater

Green Tip

  • Hugh Dillon


Yellow Tip

  • Phara Harris

Blue Tip

  • Jayden Currey
  • Josh Bower


It was a good grading, with 5 students going for their first grading & an overall improved performance in Self Defence.

Thanks to Master Kevin Brown for once again making the trip down to Wollongong.

Chris Currey, Stanwell Park Dojang

AHA Tournament Results – 25 Aug 2013 – Central Coast

Club Championship

1st – Central Coast
2nd – Stanwell Park
3rd – Sutherland
4th – Pittwater
5th – Eastern Suburbs
6th – Nabiac
7th – Redhead
8th – Glebe

Girl of the Tournament

1st – Joanna White (30pts) – Central Coast
2nd – Camellia Stenning/Stephanie Biviano (25pts) – Central Coast
3rd – Sharlotte Harrison (21pts) – Central Coast

Boy of the Tournament

1st – Dylan Villa (34pts) – Central Coast
2nd – Taylah Currey (32pts) – Stanwell Park
3rd – Josh Smedley (30pts) – Central Coast

Woman of … Continue reading

Sparring Workshop at Sutherland – Jim Sheedy – Freestyle Taekwondo Master – 31 July 2013

JSheedy2The Sutherland Hapkido Dojang received a special guest last Wednesday, Master Jim Sheedy – a Taekwondo master who has developed unique and effective methods for teaching sparring skills. Master Sheedy runs the Personal Self Defence Studio in Cronulla.

Master Sheedy’s style is influenced by the legendary Benny the Jet Urquidez along and decades of developing his unique freestyle Taekwondo that goes well beyond the Olympic sport of Taekowndo and incorporates hands, knees, elbows and very effective kicks.

Master Sheedy … Continue reading

Grading Results – Stanwell Park 22 June 2013

Stanwell Park Dojang, Wollongong was visited by Master Kevin Brown for a Kids Belt Grading on Saturday June 22nd.  We had 12 students grading. The Grading results are as below:

[mantra-multi][mantra-column width=”1/2″]

Yellow Tip

  • Oliver Hausner

Yellow Belt        

  • Callan Scott
  • Leon Hausner
  • Matthew Brown
  • Jayden Heinz

Green Tip

  • Samuel Horton        
  • Elliot Gulaj

[/mantra-column][mantra-column width=”1/2″]

Green Belt

  • Thomas Horton

Blue Tip

  • Taylah Currey
  • Rohan Dunham
  • Daniel Roper
  • Ethan Snowsill





[/mantra-column] [/mantra-multi]

I was very proud of the … Continue reading

Video now available from Nov 12 Senior Grading

Features Master Steve Tamanini, Master Mitchell Wetherell, Master Ron Rees, Simon Callaghan, Ramon Mitchell and many, many more.

The video was filmed by a friend of Master Tamanini’s so it is mainly focussed on his efforts – does anyone have any other video from that day?  if so, then please get it in asap.

Stanwell Park Hapkido Dojang – Grading Results

HAPKIDO0001The Grading results are as below

[mantra-multi] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]Yellow Tip  

  • Matthew Brown
  • Jayden Heinz
  • Jamie Phillipson
  • Leon Hausner
  • Callan Scott
  • Isaac Ridley
  • Alex Rooke
  • Dylan Boyce
  • Nicholas Gulaj

  Yellow Belt  

  • Samuel Horton
  • Eamon Ritter
  • Archie Dillon
  •  Hugh Dillon
  • Oscar Hargreaves
  • Elliot Gulaj
  • Veronica Carpenter
  • Euan Carpenter[/mantra-column]

 [mantra-multi] [mantra-column width=”1/2″]Green Tip  

  • Thomas Horton
  • David Roper

 Green Belt

  • Jayden Currey
  • Taylah Currey
  • Rohan Dunham
  • Ethan Snowsill
  • Daniel Roper
  • Ben Bower
  • Josh Bower
  • Harrison … Continue reading

Pittwater Grading Results and Annual Awards

On Saturday 8th, December 2012 Pittwater Hapkido had their First Annual Awards Ceremony & Christmas Party.

Grading Results

The following people successfully graded:

 Yellow Tip:

  • Bethany Badger-Rahme
  • Michelle Burke
  • Thomas Burke
  • Lauren Burke
  • Daniel Burke
  • Rose Burke
  • Makaela Coghlan
  • Riley Dennings
  • Anna Dimitrov
  • Brandon Forrest
  • Tate Foster
  • Sarah Kjaer
  • Lachlan McAnally
  • Nathan McCoy
  • Douglas Mock
  • Emily Mok
  • Emily Parker
  • Freya Svanstrom
  • Luke Thompson
  • Kai Turner

Yellow Belt:

  • Fynn George
  • Sebastian Massi
  • Ellery Prescott
  • Hayden Tucker

Green Tip:

  • Nick Carter
  • Poppy Guy
  • Amelia Jee
  • Jameson Prescott

Green Belt:

  • Florin Paval

Blue Belt:

Instructor Course completed last weekend in Nabiac and Port Macquarie

On Sat 13th & Sun 14th October 2010, Masters Geister and Marie ran a 2 day instructor course at the Nabiac and Port Macquarie Hapkido Dojangs on the mid-north coast of NSW (5 hrs north of Sydney by car).

The students were very appreciative of the opportunity to obtain their instructor certificates without having to get down to Sydney.

In addition, we had an opportunity to drop in on Clive Stewart’s Retirement Party where he was given a magnificent sword by his students.

Neil Rennie from the Taree Hapkido club also came along and did the instructor course. Some of … Continue reading

Results from the November Black Belt Grading in Sydney


The following students graded successfully last weekend in Sydney. It was an amazing performance by all with some excellent examples of quality Hapkido. The years of preparation for this one day was evident in so many of the students, especially those going for the senior grades.

There was also a huge crowd to gave lots of support and encouragement to the students. There were so many black belts on hand to lend a hand by grabbing and holding boards etc.. It was a hard test and a great show and many many people did their part to make it a success. Thanks … Continue reading

Highlights from last weekend's Black Belt Class

Back by popular demand here are some photographic and video highlights from last weekend’s Black Belt class.

If you were there then these photos will bring back many fond memories and you may even be able to show your friends that you look really cool in action!

The Black Belt Class covered Momentum Self Defence, Defence against Hip Throw and Pattern Applications. Everyone learnt a lot and greatly improved the performance of their patterns through a better understanding of the application for each move.

Click here to see the photos
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New videos for Black Belt Sword Patterns now available

A video of the basic sword patterns for 1st Degree and 2nd Degree black belts was recorded yesterday at the Brookvale dojang after black belt class.

Thanks to Rob Prescott for the excellent videography.

The videos are on Youtube. Click on the links below to see the videos.


Sword Pattern -Standing – for 1st Degree Black Belts Sword Pattern – Sitting – for 2nd Degree Black Belts


AHA 2012 End of Year Function in Sydney – 7pm Sat 17 Nov 2012

This year we are having an end of year function to celebrate another fantastic year of good training, quality learning and great friendships.

Each of you have made great progress in your Hapkido since last year – just take a moment to reflect – and then make sure you book through your instructor before the deadline (see below). Book your place at the next class – don’t leave it until later. Tell your friends you are going so they will want come along too. Organise a group to represent your club.

The event includes … Continue reading

Student from Melbourne Hapkido visits a Hapkido School in Germany

Stewart Dwelly from the Melbourne Hapkido Dojang recently visited Shinson Hapkido in Germany (in Darmstadt near Frankfurt). This is a great story and show how Hapkido around the world is all part of the one family. Thanks to Stewart for sending in this story and the photos.

For background – Daniel Marie visited this club and met the instructor back in 1987 – 25 years ago!!

Dear all,

I thought you might like to read an update of my Hapkido adventures in Germany, with “Shinson Hapkido”.

The Club itself is very beautiful, with a dedicated training hall … Continue reading