Core techniques – live on the internet II

In the absence of our final Syllabus DVD (due late this year) this can be a useful reference. Not too helpful to learn them using these clips – but that is why you attend classes – right??

Please take a look and tell us if you find this useful – it is quite easy to produce and may be a way for us to share our knowledge.

Click here to see all 15 techniques on one page – warning – may cause dizziness!!

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AHA History DVD Update

Scott Wetherell and I (Ed:Dean Stathers) wanted to thank everyone for all of the footage and photos input towards the upcoming AHA history DVD. As we all know the project is going to take a long time because there are 100’s of video’s and DVD’s to go through.

Scott has been working hard with Pete Fam producing many of the sneak peaks you have been able to download which helps keep us excited and motivated to complete the project. We are currently at the storyboard stage, gathering and sorting lots of material, so now is a … Continue reading