Black Belt Gradings in 2012 – When, Where, Who, How?

Black belt Gradings in 2012

  • Saturday September 20th at the AHA Spring Camp – Northern NSW
  • Saturday November 17th at the AHA Black Belt Grading – Pittwater Sydney

Pregrading Requirements and format

All Black Belts intending to grade for 2nd Degree or above must do a Pre-Grading to demonstrate to the grading panel your commitment to training seriously towards your next grade.

Last year we found that mixing pre-Graders with Graders at the Black Belt Gradings confusing and made it difficult to focus on the Graders. To address this, pregradings will now be conducted at AHA … Continue reading

New batch of Instructors are ready to go!!

Last weekend the 2011 Instructor Course was held at Pittwater in Sydney. The course lasted all day and took participants through the colour belt syllabus and how to be good, effective and safe Hapkido Instructors. Many of the participants were re-certifying, but there were also many new faces showing that the next generation of Hapkido masters are starting out on their journey.The course was delivered by Master Kevin Brown and Daniel Marie. The following people are now certified Level 1 AHA Hapkido Instructors (subject to having a valid First Aid Certiciate), this certification is valid for three years:

1. Alex Blias – Hunter Hapkido
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