Workshops in Byron Bay last weekend with Master Brown

Hapkido Students from as far south as Port Macquarie and as far North as
Brisbane enjoyed a 4 hr. (yes 4hrs. weren’t we lucky) session with Master Brown last weekend in
Byron Bay.

The session saw Master Brown return to this beautiful part of Australia
and the weather and the Hapkido spirit shone every minute of the afternoon and well into the evening.
Master Brown set the usual high standard of energy and students
participated in a great warm up, belt level kicking combinations, sparring techniques, and self defence.

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By popular demand – Art In Motion by Master Scott Wetherell

Many people who saw the Art In Motion video at the last camp have asked if it could be shared on the web sit so everyone could see the amazing demos and fine examples of good Hapkido.

Below is a link to the video in Youtube (click on the image), enjoy. This video was compiled about 15 years ago by Master Scott Wetherell as a promotional video he handed out to new students when they joined the Kirrawee full time Hapkido dojang. Great work by a dedicated Hapkido student – we all miss him greatly. The video runs for about … Continue reading

Important Announcement – Master Brown is coming to Byron Bay in May

Dear Hapkido enthusiasts from far and wide,

We look forward to your company for a special 4 hour seminar with Master Brown 6th Degree, Australian Hapkido Association president & technical director.

  • Where: Byron Bay Dojang, St Finbars Primary School Bangalow Rd (opposite Byron Bay High School)
  • When: Saturday 19th May 2012, 1pm-5pm
  • Who: All AHA Members are welcome
  • Cost: $30 

Remember to bring food/snacks and water.

RSVP ASAP to: As space is filling quickly please RSVP asap to Justine M:0419 493 615 / email:

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Photos from the Myuna Bay Summer Camp 2012

You may have noticed Sydney Canja at the camp with a camera taking photos of everything and everyone – well Sydney is from the Pittwater Hapkido dojang and his photos have been posted on the club’s public Facebook page for all to see and enjoy

So please click on the photos below to follow the link to the photo album. Check out the photos and feel free to comment and contribute to our collective memory of this fun weekend.


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Gongkwon Yusul Bridging Course available in Sydney!

If you enrol in this course you could have a 1st Degree in Gongkwon Yusul recognised by Master Kang (the founder of GKY) by Sep 2012.

If you are an instructor and want to add GKYS to your dojang, this is ideal for you. You will be xpected to learn the curriculum and be able to execute the techniques. In Sep 2012 there will be a grading and you will need to pass. You will be challenged.

There will be three seminars over three months. Each seminar will run for approximately three hours and will cover 4 belt levels.
In between and after the seminars, you are welcome to continue training in your own time and join our weekly GKY classes in Croydon at no extra cost.

  • Seminar 1: White to Yellow Advanced – Date to be decided
  • Seminar 2: Green to Blue Advanced – Date to be decided
  • Seminar 3: Red to Junior Black held – Date to be decided
  • Black Belt Grading: Sat 15th September 2012

The Gongkwon Yusul Bridging Course includes:

  • Three seminars with accelerated learning of the GKY curriculum.
  • A chance to improve your Martial skill and gain a deeper understanding of modern Martial Art technique and philosophy.
  • GKY uniform, belt and t-shirt.
  • DVDs of all seminars for your own personal use.

If you are interested in taking part in this course, contact Anthony at the Hapkido College of Australia: 

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Successful Grading held at Murwillumbah Dojang last weekend

Students who attended represented Stokers Siding, Murwillumbah, Tyalgum, Mooball, Mullumbimby and Byron Bay Dojangs.

The grading was run by Phil Eizenberg (4th Degree) from Stockers Siding who incorporated Hapkido technique and philosophy into the 3 hour session.

Within the course of the grading the audience saw White belts through to Blue belts display a high level of Hapkido ability.
The room was captivated as we saw Blue Belts break boards and under 8 junior belts from Tyalgum/Mooball Dojang demonstrate how it is technique, not size, that matters, with high cat rolls over crouching students.

Finesse and inspiration was also prevalent throughout the morning as all students including Black belts from all Dojang’s displayed agility, athleticism, focus and courage and all things that make Hapkido exciting.

Thank you to all the students who graded and to the Grading panel for their challenges and guidance throughout.

Thank you also to those Black Belts who assisted and to students who did not grade, but who came to support their fellow students, and a special thank you to Mark Fendley for hosting the grading and to Warwick Ford for his sharing of Hapkido History.

Warwick Ford – one of Matthew Kim’s first students from the City Gym!
Click on the image above to see Warwick in full action (from around 1980).

Warm regards
Justine Lobb
Australian Hapkido Association – Northern NSW

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Relay for Life (Cancer Council) – fantastic result from Terry Turner

Our Terry Turner (Black Belt from Northern NSW Hapkido) participated in the Relay for Life to raise money for the Cancer Council. The event was held on the 10-11th March 2012. Terry’s team (Far North Coast Rural Fire Service) had to have one member walking at all times during the event.

The Tweed Valley effort raised
$58,000.00. The RFS Team (Terry’s team) raised $3,507.00 (some money to be registered

Terry (pictured below in uniform) won the award for the most
enthusiastic walker. Terry walked the most and looked the “prettiest”.

Terry personally raised
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The next generation has arrived….

Liz Brown, 4th Degree from the Sutherland Club has introduced her children to Hapkido classes at the Stanwell Park Dojang run by Chris Currey.


Elise Brown (8) and Matthew Brown (5) are enjoying their training at the kids class at Stanwell Park.

Is there room in the AHA for another Master Brown? Well there had better be room for 3 more!

Workshops and grading last weekend in Melbourne

Saturday afternoon was a 4-hour seminar covering Knife Defense and Groundwork Games.

Sunday morning was a revision of Knife Defence and Hapkido techniques.

Sunday afternoon was a Gongkwon Yusul class and more Hapkido.

Some of the highlights of the weekend were:

  • multiple grabbing with Tup in the middle
  • grappling with some skilled students
  • everyone being able to throw Daniel with Whip Throw (most students normally fail this test).
  • massage warmup on Sunday morning
  • a Gongkwon Yusul lesson with GKYS Instructor Andrew Mendlik
  • Master Yun Sae Gwan techniques – so simple and yet so painful.

The standard in Melbourne was good – so thanks to Andrew Brownrigg and John Ansley for their excellent leadership.

Thanks also to Paul Mystakidis who came all the way from the Sutherland dojang in Sydney (at his own cost) to help out with the workshops.

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Sad news – Master Brown's brother Colin Brown has passed away

He trained along other Curl Curl members of that era, Matt Geister, Chris Ghosh, Brad Ward, Martin Fox and many others.

There was never any special treatment being Master Brown’s brother when it came to grading time, if anything Grandmaster Kim would push him even harder and Colin would relish in it. He had a good heart and strong mind.

Colin competed in the first AHA tournament in 1985 winning a silver medal for sparring and a gold medal for falling in his division. 

Colin will be sadly missed by his family, friends and those that trained with him during his time in Hapkido. The funeral is this Friday in St Matthews Church the Corso Manly at 1.30pm.

from Kevin Brown


We have created a place in our forum for you to leave any personal messages of condolence and remembrance to Master Brown and his family: Click here to go to the Forum.

Click here to see the photos of Colin in our photo album. You can also click on each photo above to see it in full size.

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Relay for Life (Cancer Council)

I am walking in this event in our area on the 10th March to the 11th March 2012.

Our team, (Far North Coast Rural Fire Service) must have one member walking at all times during the event.

If I can get $1,000 in sponsorship I will make every effort to walk as much of the 24Hrs as I can.

I have $400 in sponsorship so far, so how about helping out? It is a great cause.
  Here is the link:

My personal current goal is $500.00 but when … Continue reading

Stanwell Park Dojang – 1 Year Old & Still Having Fun

Last Thursday 1st March 2012, STANWELL PARK HAPKIDO Wollongong, celebrated its 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

We had a great turn out & enjoyed our training in both the Kids & Adults Classes. Not to mention WE HAD CAKE!

Big thanks to all the students of Stanwell Park Dojang for a great year. Lets hope it’s the first of many.

Special thanks to Liz Brown for coming down.

Chris Currey – Instructor

AHA Summer Camp – Myuna Bay – 27-29 April 2012

The next AHA camp is being held on the 27-29 April 2012 at Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre.

The camp is a great mix of training and fun that will allow you make a huge leap in your understanding of Hapkido and at the same time meet other like-minded martial artists. In this environment you get to meet and train with other students and instructors, who are able to help and provide new challenges – including Aquakido, where Hapkido meets the swimming pool!

Note: There is a limit of 100 places at this … Continue reading

Fantastic new web site for Pittwater Hapkido

The enterprising students of Pittwater Hapkido in Sydney have launched a new web site for their club.

Click here to visit this new site. It looks great – modern – stylish and very informative for new and prospective students. Good work Rob, Sammy and Sydney!

This new web site is also a good platform to showcase the talents of Master Brown who is normally very quiet on the web front.

Pittwater Grading Saturday 31 Mar 2012 – 9am

Pittwater Hapkido would like to announce the next Adults/Kids Colour Belt Grading to be conducted by Master Kevin Brown:

  • Saturday, 31 March 2012 from 9.00am to 11.00am
  • Pittwater Sports Centre, 1525 Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen

This grading witll be for Pittwater Hapkido Members & AHA Members who are intending to grade to next level or simply want to participate. Friends and family are more than welcome to watch.

Please contact Pittwater Hapkido Administration if you are intending to grade. Mobile: 0413 645 754    Email:

Black Belt Gradings in 2012 – When, Where, Who, How?

Black belt Gradings in 2012

  • Saturday September 20th at the AHA Spring Camp – Northern NSW
  • Saturday November 17th at the AHA Black Belt Grading – Pittwater Sydney

Pregrading Requirements and format

All Black Belts intending to grade for 2nd Degree or above must do a Pre-Grading to demonstrate to the grading panel your commitment to training seriously towards your next grade.

Last year we found that mixing pre-Graders with Graders at the Black Belt Gradings confusing and made it difficult to focus on the Graders. To address this, pregradings will now be conducted at AHA … Continue reading