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53947166_nThe AHA started in Sydney in 1980 and now has clubs throughout Sydney, Melbourne, the Central Coast, Hunter Region, Mid North Coast and Northern NSW.

We are a progressive not-for profit organisation led by Master Brown a 7th degree black belt with over 30 years experience in Hapkido.

On this web site you will find the latest news, articles, our syllabus and heaps of photos and videos. If you are interested in trying Hapkido take a look at the Club Directory to see if there is a club near you.

Interview with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae by David Middleton

The following interview with Grandmaster Ji Han Jae was kindly provided David Middleton 4th Degree from Alstonville. It was conducted in 1996 and is a great read for any who wants to understand Hapkido’s roots from one of the originators of modern Hapkido. 

Recently Grand master Ji Han Jae, 10th Dan and founder of Sin Moo hapkido was in Australia at the invitation of the Australian Hapkido Association. Grandmaster Ji conducted seminars in Sydney, the central coast, Byron Bay and Port Macquarie that were well attended by students of hapkido and tae kwon do.

Whilst on the Far North Coast we had the privilege to conduct an interview with Grandmaster Ji where we asked him about the early years of hapkido and the martial arts journey that resulted in his development of Sin Moo hapkido.

 There are a number of different histories of hapkido from those early turbulent times with little documentation for historians the use. This is Grandmaster Ji’s story in his own words.


I began training under Yong Sul Choi in Taegu when I was a freshman of Taegu Technical High School. He called his art that he had learnt in Japan yawara (aikijujitsu). In 1956 I moved back to my home city of An Dong where I received training from old man Lee who was a Taoist dosanim (wise man). Among his teachings I received instruction in breathing and weapons. In 1957 I moved to the capital city Seoul and began teaching calling the style hapkido. At that time nobody knew what was hapkido, what was yawara, nobody knew. 

I started teaching hapkido then everybody knew hapkido. In 1962, Korea had a coup detat. Before this time Korea and Japan had no import-export between them because they were enemies. Then the gates were opened and Japanese imports began to come into the country.

At that time I saw a Japanese aikido book and noticed that the chinese characters for hapkido and aikido were the same. so I took out the hap from hapkido and I formed the Kido association. Still until now they have the Kido association – Huh Il Wong (8th dan and professor at Myong Ji University) from Kuk Sool Won is associated with it. He is my student. When he was a brown belt he and Kim Byung Chun (8th dan and president of the Korean Hapkido Association) – they formed a school. Later proffessor Huh went to another school – that of In-hyuk Suh. At that time they had Kuk Sool Won hapkido , not Kuk Sool. Right now In-hyuk Suh is a grandmaster of Kuk Sool Won. He learnt yawara from Yong Sul Choi. He is one of my juniors – yawara side he is my junior. At the same time as learning yawara he learnt a style of chinese Kung fu..

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AHA Camp – 5-7 May 2017 – Myuna Bay

The camp is a great mix of training and fun that will allow you make a huge leap in your understanding of Hapkido and at the same time meet other like-minded martial artists. In this environment you get to meet and train with other students and instructors – including senior masters and Master Brown – all of whom will provide new challenges and assistance– this sometimes includes ‘Aquakido’, where Hapkido meets the swimming pool!

DEADLINE for Registration – 12 April 2017. 

COSTS (same as last year!!)

Full Camp

  • Adult (18 years of age and over) – training and non-training – $220
  • Non-training parent/guardian supervising one or more training child/ren – $165
  • Child (5 to 17 years) – training and non-training – $165
  • Preschooler (2 to 4 years) – nil

Day Only (includes lunch)

  • Saturday – $75
  • Sunday – $55
  • Non-training parent/guardian supervising 1 or more training child – Please ring Melissa


Myuna Bay Sports and Recreation Centre is located 1 hour drive north of Sydney or 40 minutes drive south of Newcastle. 


The full camp price includes all meals and accommodation from Friday evening till Sunday after lunch. Note the last training session of the camp is Sunday morning 9am to 12 noon, followed by lunch and tidy up of the lodges. Most people depart by 2pm, although we have access to the site until 4pm. 

Accommodation is in lodges, each of which is divided into a number of rooms with bunk beds and each of which has a large common area, covered outdoor seating area and common kitchen.  The lodges have heating and air conditioning and each bedroom has its own en-suite bathroom, fan and storage shelving.  Bring a pillow case (mandatory – camp rules) and either (1) a sleeping bag or (2) sheets and a doona, also toiletries. (Pillows are supplied).


To reserve your place at the camp you need to do the following by 12 April 2017:

  1. fill in the registration form* (click here to download Registration Form 2017 ) and send in the completed form before the close date

  2. complete the Dept of Sport and Recreation’s online Medical and Consent form. The information that Sport and Recreation needs about you includes medical conditions, food related allergies (because our program is catered), special diets (because our program is catered), medication, emergency contact details and media consent.
    The Medical and Consent Form is available online and is easy to complete – a separate form is required for each attendee. Once you submit the form the information is sent to the Centre so the staff can prepare for your visit. Please complete the Medical and Consent Form at https://sportandrecreation.nsw.gov.au/facilities/medicalandconsentform
    When you complete that form please enter the following details: 
    – Booking Number:        502093
    – Booking Start Date:     5/5/2017
    – Booking Venue:          Myuna Bay Sport and Recreation Centre

  3. make your payment (internet banking,, direct deposit cheque or money order) – please do NOT give your money to your instructor – it must be paid directly to the AHA.

  4. notify your instructor of your intention to attend, so that your name can be added to his/her master list.


  • Cheque/money order – make cheque payable to the Australian Hapkido Association and send to:
       Australian Hapkido Association
       PO Box 3469
       Tuggerah  NSW  2259
  • Internet Banking – transfer funds to the AHA:
       BSB: 062190,
       Account Number: 10101231
    and email or post completed form and payment receipt to the address above (please put “camp – <your name>” in the deposit description).

  • Direct Deposit – Deposits can be made to the Australian Hapkido Association at any Commonwealth Bank: 
       BSB: 062190
       Account Number: 10101231
    and email or post completed form and payment receipt to the address above (please put “camp – <your name>” in the deposit description).

If you have any further questions please contact Melissa Rees by email: melissa_rees63@yahoo.com.au or on 0403 814 347 (anytime weekends but please not between 9.00am and 5pm weekdays).

For a print out of this information download the info sheet: (click here to download AHA Camp Info Sheet 2017 )

2016 Scott Wetherell Award goes to Gana Muniandy – instructor from Glebe


To honour the life and memory of Master Scott Wetherell a special award was created in 2009. This award is called “Keeping the path and continuing the Journey” and is a tribute to what was important to Scott and is awarded each year to a black belt who has been loyal to Hapkido, has applied themselves diligently to their study and practice of Hapkido and who has given something to the ongoing development and growth of Hapkido.

On Saturday 26 Nov 2016 the award of this trophy was conducted by Master Mitchell Wetherell and was awarded to a most deserving recipient, Gana Muniandy (instructor for Glebe).

Gana has contributed much to the association and is also an inspirational and dedicated instructor in Glebe dojang. As inscribed on the award – Gana has been keeping the path and continuing the Journey.

Thankyou Gana for the high standard you have set for you and your students, and for the training we have shared with you. We look forward to much more in the future. 

Grading Results – end of year Sydney black belt grading – 26 Nov 2016

Congratulation to the following new and improved black belts who were successful in their grading held at Pittwater Sport Centre in Sydney last Saturday 26 Nov 2016.

  • Kenny Foo (Sutherland) – 3rd Degree Black Belt
  • Martha Turner (Murwillumbah) – 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Gana Muniandy (Glebe) – 2nd Degree Black Belt
  • Lewis Pink (Redhead) – 1st Degree Black Belt
  • Stewart Dwelly (Melbourne) – 1st Degree Black Belt.


The standard of Hapkido shown was very good with some excellent sparring and multiple self defence. Everyone was well prepared mentally and physically for the grading.

Hapkido Road Trip 2016 – it is on again!!

Once again, ou14494806_551803718363215_2397498203237028293_nr fabulous northern brothers in Hapkido, Tup and Eli, are getting into their Hapkidomobiles in Byron Bay and undertaking their annual Hapkido pilgrimage that culminates with the Black Belt Grading  in Sydney and a big party afterwards. Along the way they will experience many Hapkido adventures, visiting Hapkido clubs and beautiful training spots along the way, training and sharing their huge pool of knowledge.

Master Geister is going to join in on the way down for the last few days. Other Hapkido black belts from around Australia will be joining in at various parts of the road trip.

Stay tuned for regular updates as the Hapkido Road Trip 2016 gets under way and rolls through a Hapkido Club near you!! All Hapkido students are invited to join in anywhere along the tour. Even if you don’t have a car – they will find a space for you! Just bring your uniform and a sleeping bag!

If anyone is interested in taking part – contact Tup (0416 848 630) or Eli (0404 489 781).


Monday 21/11/16 Kempsey

  • Eli and Tup travel from Byron Bay to Kempsey – train at Kempsey club that evening.
  • Stay with 2nd degree black belt Quinton Blackwell over night.

Tuesday 22/11/16 Port Macquarie

  • Morning training at Hat Head beach; breakfast; sight seeing around Hat Head / Crescent Head.
  • Make their way down to port Macquarie. Training at Port Macquarie club on Tuesday evening.
  • Black belt Craig Elliott attending Port part of journey with his daughter Blue-tip Neve Elliott.
  • Being hosted by 3rd degree black belt Mathias Beyer.

Wednesday 23/11/16 Tuggerah

  • Morning training in park in Port, breakfast then make their way down to Redhead, Newcastle.
  • Being hosted by 1st degree black belt Craig Elliott.
  • Master Geister, Craig Elliott and the Hapkido Angels Justine, Helen and Lisa meeting up with us at Master Ron’s club in Tuggerah.
  • Wednesday afternoon training from 4 pm at Tuggerah Dojang.
  • Master Geister staying overnight at Craig’s place. Hapkido Angels staying in Cams Wharf.

Thursday 24/11/16 Redhead

  • Morning training at Redhead beach; breakfast; sight seeing.
  • Training at Redhead in the evening from 6 pm onwards.
  • Hosted by Mick Collins and Crag Elliot.

Friday 25/11/16 Brookvale

  • Morning training at Redhead beach; breakfast; make their way to Sydney.
  • Friday evening, training with Master Geister at Brookvale Dojang.
  • All welcome to come and train (no matter your belt level) at any and or all the stops along the way.

Saturday 26/11/16 Grading and Party

  • Relax prior to senior black belt grading.
  • Relax after the grading at the end of year party and Dee Why RSL.
  • Come and support / experience the journey of those going for their next level.

Video from Hapkido Sparring Session – Bexley – Nov 2016

Giant Martial Arts and students from the Sutherland and Glebe AHA dojangs met at Bexley last Saturday 5 Nov for a 2 hour sparring session.

The format was light cooperative sparring to improve our distance and timing while trying to keep it real. The bouts consisted of 3 two minute rounds with the same partner and then we rotated. This simple format was followed for most of the two hours, with a partner stretching round in the middle. At the end we all sat around and talked about what we thought we needed to improve and what had worked well.

Most of all though, everyone was very friendly and respectful and we had no serious injuries. The video below was taken from a camera just sitting in the corner.

Thanks to Anthony and Giorgio Repice from Giant Martial Arts for hosting this session at their fantastic Hapkido gym in Bexley.

Next session will be end of Jan 2017.

Korea Goodwill Hapkido Trip in 2017 – with Malaysian Hapkido Master Julian Lim


We have found out on the Hapkido grapevine that Master Julian Lim, a Hapkido teacher from Malaysia is organising a Korea Goodwill Trip for Hapkido students. There is an opportunity for Hapkido students from the AHA to join in.

Hapkidoists from around the world are going: Malaysia; Canada (GM Ooi HL); UK (GM Adrian); Bahrain (KJN Hassan); Singapore (GM Sunny Tan and KJN Roy); Indonesia (YTM Irad and KJN Iskandar); China (GM William); Australia (MST Nigel); UAE (BSN Tamim).

Here is a summary of the training schedule (subject to change):

Fri 24 Mar 2017

  • Arrive Seoul
  • Visit MooSoolSa and KSD MA Stores.
  • Hotel Check In

Sat 25 Mar 2017

  • Take train to Korea HapKiDo Federation HQ dojang. Training from 1030am to 4pm.
  • Morning session is 2 hours of Self Defence; afternoon session will be 2 hours of TaekKyon.
  • Training Officer will be GM JU Ung-Seo. Head officer is GM BAE, Sung-Bok.

Sun 26 Mar 2017

  • Korea DaeHan KiDoHwe (Koreas’ Oldest Martial Art Association)
  • Morning session is 2 hours of Self Defence; afternoon session will be 2 hours of GumDo.
  • Conducted by SEC-GEN GM Samu Chong Jang-Nim HWANG Young-Jin.
  • Dinner with GM HWANG

Mon 27 Mar 2017

  • Korea GongKwon YuSul (HKD) under GM KANG JUN 9 Dan
  • ITF HQ Korea with MST Sean Yu, Vice Sec-Gen.

Tue 28 Mar 2017

  • GM CHOI, Suk-Hwan, 9 Dan CKA HapKiDo, previous Head of the KHF Demo Team.  
  • GM Choi is a very gifted and impressive HKD master, and a technical wizard)
  • Dinner with GM CHOI 7pm to 9pm.

Wed 29 Mar 2017

  • Korea HapKiDo Union
  • Conducted by GM KIM NAM-JAE
  • GM KIM is a true gentleman and technician extraordinaire, formerly one the most senior KHF GMs.

Thu 30 Mar 2017

  • Korea World TukKong MooSool (ROK Army Special Forces)
  • Army pick up from Hotel; training session with ROK Army Special Warfare Command instructors
  • Dinner with GM COL LIM WOONG-HWAN

Fri 31 Mar 2017

  • Morning Poomse training with photo shoot with GM SHIM of CDK from 1030am to 1pm in the KKW (tentative or alternative).
  • Afternoon military CQC session with GM KIM Yong-Ho of CDK 2pm to 430pm.
  • Presentation of Certificates by KukKiWon President Dr OH Hyun-Deuk (tentative).
  • End of trip dinner at 8pm.

Sat 1 Apr 2017

  • Free time – shopping

Sun 2 Apr 2017

  • Fly back home.

Approximate Costs (may be different for Hapkido students from outside Malaysia – need to check with organisers):

  • Flights and airport transfer – not included.
  • Hotel Accommodation (twin share) includes Breakfast – approx US$700 per room. Triple share rooms also available.
  • Training Fees – approx US$800
  • Organisers require 50% of hotel fee by 10 Nov 2016 and the remainder 50% by 30 Dec 2016 (or arrange your own accommodation).
  • Organisers also require 50% of the training fee by 3 Jan 2017 and the remainder in cash in Korea (USD).

Contact for more informationjlim@jlim.net +60123003636

Information Document from Organisers – click Download Button



This trip is not being organised by the AHA – Master Julian Lim has kindly offered the opportunity for AHA Members to attend (if there is space). This information is indicative only – anyone interested in going will need to confirm details with the organiser (contact details above). Master Julian Lim is based in Malaysia and has organised many Korea Trips. He says this will probably be the last one he organises for a large group.

Results from the 2016 AHA Hapkido Tournament

Here are the results!!


Club champions




No of Entrants

Average points per entrant







Northern Beaches





Central Coast





Stanwell Park




















Black belt of the Tournament

  • Chris Currey  26pts – Stanwell Park
  • {2nd Shane Cutland  19pts – Central Coast}
  • {3rd Kristine Kjaer  17pts – Pittwater}
  • {3rd Luke Anglicas  17pts- Pittwater }

Woman of the Tournament

  • Stephanie Biviano  36pts – Central Coast
  • {2nd Melissa Windass  22pts – Northern Beaches}
  • {3rd Kim Ansems  19pts – Northern Beaches}

Man of the Tournament

  • Reno Leuc  27pts – Sutherland
  • {2nd Travers Hunt  24pts – Central Coast }
  • {2nd Jason Kingma  24pts – Central Coast }
  • {2nd Thomas Williams  24pts – Northern Beaches}
  • {3rd Lewis Pink  21pts – Redhead}

Girls of the Tournament

  • Jade & Jasmine O’Kane  34pts – Pittwater
  • {2nd India Hamblin  28pts – Northern Beaches}
  • {3rd Emily Parker  26pts – Pittwater}

Boy of the Tournament

  • Muuruun Leha  34pts – Central Coast
  • {Joel Van Duyl  28pts – Northern Beaches}
  • {Filip Novakovic 26pts – Northern Beaches}

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Hapkido on TV – Mel Thomas – Kyup Project – one amazing step towards ending domestic violence

Here is a heartwarming and inspirational story about Mel Thomas one of our AHA Blackbelts. She runs a Program named the Kyup Project aimed at exposing and helping stamp out Domestic Violence.

Mel has taken the lessons of Hapkido and her own life experience to truly improve the lives of so many girls and women. What are you doing with your Hapkido knowledge and skills to make the world a better place?

Mel started training Hapkido some 20 years ago with Greg Blandy and Dominic Salissicia in Glebe, then in Bondi. After a lengthy break having her children and focusing on her family, Mel has made her comeback to Hapkido and currently trains at Northern Beaches Hapkido under Master Matt Geister, and AHA Blackbelt training under AHA President Master Kevin Brown.

Go Mel!. Best of luck in your journey.

Check out our AHA Facebook page to see the video – click on the picture to see the Kyup web site.

Photos from recent seminar at Sutherland with Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim – AHA Founder

A fabulous treat for the AHA students to have our founder, Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim conduct a wonderful seminar. His wealth of knowledge and explanation of techniques were greatly appreciated by all who attended.


Hapkido in Vanuatu – report from Arna Baartz

Yesterday I met Rex the instructor at Vanuatu Hapkido 


It was great to play and train and simply be in the company of such a beautiful, humble soul. They have been training primarily ground grappling but were really excited to see and train the white belt release techniques, it was wonderful to watch!
Although yesterday there was only the smiling, appreciative Max and Michel at class Rex has approx 17 students. They have been training for about a year on the Korman sports ground just outside Port Vila,  as they haven’t yet sourced a permanent sheltered venue.
Rex’s earned his blackbelt in Fiji, from his master who had been invited from korea to train Fijian troups. 
He asked us to send his regards to the Hapkido family in Australia and said we all were welcome to train here any time.  I will definitely be back! I have attached some photos if you would like to see/share on the website. 
Lots of love 
Arna – northern NSW Hapkido 

Sparring Seminar held last Sep by Master Mitchell Wetherell

A video has just emerged from a sparring seminar conducted by Master Mitchell Wetherell last September in Sydney, Australia (thanks to Ryan Tarran a black belt from Sutherland Hapkido).

In case you were not there you can view this video and see what great concepts and sparring drills Master Wetherell shared with the students on that day and practice them with your training partners.

Also when Master Wetherell has another seminar you will know it is definitely worth making the effort to attend.

Grading Results – Tuggerah – Sat 2 Apr 2016

P1010357 (2)Here are the results of a recent grading held at Tuggerah Dojang:

  • Stephanie Biviano – Black Tip
  • Muurruun Leha – Red Belt
  • Travers Scala – Blue Belt
  • Alex Knowles – Blue Belt
  • Imogen Scala – Blue Tip
  • Krystal Maloney- Green Tip
  • Alex Cha – Yellow belt

Master Ron Rees – Central Coast Hapkido

Rest in Peace – Keith Collins – student of Central Coast Hapkido

Keith CollinsYou may have seen news last week about a shocking murder that occurred in a restaurant at Hornsby in Sydney. Click here to see news item.

The victim was Keith Collins – a Hapkido student from the Central Coast. 

It has been some time since Keith trained with us at Central Coast Hapkido, but his bright outgoing personality and easy friendly manner has not been forgotten. The lives of many of the Club members both present and past have been touched by Keith. His senseless death is a blow to us all.

We will always remember his love for his children and the encouragement he gave to them in Hapkido as well as football and all aspects of their lives. Our thoughts go out to his surviving family members.

Master Ron Rees – Central Coast Hapkido

Congratulations to Master Kevin Brown – 20 years at the helm

12313639_1467076976644155_4397650027446035289_nFor those of you who could not be with us at the AHA end of year Dinner and Presentation Night, there was an important award presented worthy of mentioning again.

Congratulations to our Master Kevin Brown. This year commemorates 20 Years for Master Brown taking over the reins of the AHA from Grandmaster Matthew Sung Su Kim. In his capacity of President and Technical Director of the AHA, Master Brown has continued to inspire us all and strive to maintain the high standards of Hapkidoists within our Association.

Another milestone for Master Brown is the fact that this year is his 30th year of teaching Hapkido on the Northern Beaches. 30 years ago he arranged for Grandmaster Kim to come across and help him establish a Hapkido club in Curl Curl.

Master Brown went on to open many clubs along the beaches , before consolidating them all in the one full time Dojang in Pittwater Rd , Brookvale. His duties with the AHA took him away to take on a national role with the AHA.

Today, he runs another successful Hapkido school at Pittwater Sports Centre and continues his leadership and journey with the AHA. Congratulations and thanks from the AHA and on behalf of all its members.

Sydney Black Belt Grading – Saturday 21 Nov 2015 at Pittwater Dojang

The annual black belt grading was held on the Sat 21 Nov 2015. Congratulations to all those who graded.

Here are the results:


  • Lee McDonald – Pittwater
  • Mikael Svanstrom – Pittwater
  • Silvia Cupik – Glebe
  • Peter Buckworth – Central Coast
  • Adam Stayfer – Melbourne
  • Paul Maxwell – Melbourne


  • Michael Heterick – Redhead
  • Jason Sellers – Sutherland


  • Michael Sladden – Northern Beaches


  • Master John Ansley – Pittwater

Long awaited grading for Ryan at Sutherland Hapkido

Ryan Tarran started training at Sutherland Hapkido under Master Scott Wetherell 23 years ago. He now trains under Master Mitchell Wetherell and had been a red belt for close to 20 years! In Oct 2015 the stars lined up and Ryan finally had his very own black belt grading.

Due to Ryan’s busy work schedule this was his only opportunity to prevent another year from going by wearing his red belt! He passed! Congratulations to Ryan, his instructor Master Mitchell Wetherell and all his training partners who helped Ryan prepare and put him through his paces on the day.